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Point of Attack | Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. TCU Horned Frogs

How the Texas Tech Red Raiders can attempt to attack the TCU Horned Frogs.

Layne Murdoch - Getty Images

I really am not sure what to do. I’ve only seen a bit of the TCU offense and it was against one of the worst defenses in the country in Baylor, so I’m not sure if TCU really is that good or if playing Baylor helped. The TCU offense made the switch to redshirt freshman QB Treyvon Boykin who has really done a fantastic job in replacing Pachall. I mentioned yesterday that the offense turned the ball over way too much against Iowa St. and no team, no matter how good the offense is, will be able to overcome 5 turnovers. That’s just too much. But then maybe the light went on for Boykin against Baylor and he was just fantastic. He was 22 of 30 for 261 yards and 4 touchdowns. Again, this way Baylor, so I’m not sure that this is the best barometer. Against Iowa St., he was 23 of 40 for 270 yards, 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. Boykin probably won’t be as good as he was against Baylor, but he won’t be as bad as he was against Iowa St.

The star of the TCU offense is the running game, and they have really churned out the yards since Boykin took over. Rushing for 185 yards against Iowa St. and 248 against Baylor. If I’m Kaufman, I think I essentially sell out to stop the run and make Boykin beat you single-handedly. TCU really has two types of running backs. Matthew Tucker (6-1/227) and Aundre Dean (6-0/215) are your bigger backs while B.J. Catalon (5-9/185) is your change of pace. The interior of the TCU line is littered with juniors and seniors, while the tackles are relatively young. Both left tackles on the two-deep are sophomores and the right tackles are true freshmen.

But I think Kaufman has to try to stop TCU from having those long sustained drives that they do so well. And make no mistake, TCU’s offense is very deliberate. They will eat up every second of that clock, but they have guys that can make plays at the receive spot. They almost lull you to sleep with the punishing running game and then before you know it one of their talented wide-outs will run past you and they’ll score before you can blink.


I think that TCU is susceptible to the run. Yes, they have a terrific average, but three teams have rushed for more than 100 yards, those being Virginia, Iowa St. and Baylor. Granted, not great averages on all of those, but I think there is an opportunity here. Much like the tackles on the offensive line, the guys up front are young. Very young for the most part, DE Stansly Maponga is the elder statesman, but the two-deep along the line is littered with sophomores at defensive tackle, former Texas Tech commit Jon Lewis, and Chucky Hunter, with Davion Pierson being a redshirt freshman and David Johnson, a sophomore. At the other end is the tremendous Devonte Fields, who has 11.5 tackles for a loss all on his own. He's really been terrific all year, but I can't help but think that at some point, these guys are going to wear out.

I think this is something that happened to Texas Tech last year and being sophomores, you'd think that they would be able to handle the grind of the year. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if some of the defenders for Texas Tech started to wear down a bit towards the end of the year. Again, most of these guys are pretty young on our side of the ball as well. Still, I question the depth for TCU after a trying offseason and my half-arsed theory is that the lack of depth will be a problem later in the year, maybe now.

So I think you push against them because I do think that they are going to very much try and rattle and confuse Seth Doege. I think that when Doege does go back to pass, they’re going to try to bring heat from every different direction and there won’t be any consistency as how many they are going to bring on every given play. Everyone talks about how it’s personal for the players in terms of proving themselves against former DC Chad Glasgow, but I think there’s a good chance that it’s personal with him too. I’m sure that after being told by Tuberville that they were moving away from the 4-2-5 to the 4-3 and Glasgow balking at the thought, that he’s ready to prove something too. No matter who is or was right or wrong, but I’m sure he’s not real happy about how things ended and he’s probably anxious to talk to TCU DC Dick Bumpus about how to get to Doege and force him into bad throws. TCU proved last week that they could take advantage of Nick Florence and I’d bet that they have the exact same plan.

All helmet images via The Helmet Project and thanks to College Football Statistics for these stats.