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Red Raider Gridiron | Cobb Reinstated and Weekly Press Conference Wrap-Up

Texas Tech has reinstated Daniel Cobb and head coach Tommy Tuberville addresses playing TCU in this week's press conference.

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PRESS CONFERENCE THINGS | You can read the entire press conference in the official site transcript (PDF). Head coach Tommy Tuberville names players of the game and scout MVP and they were TE Jace Amaro on offense, NB Tre' Porter (NB is short for nickel back as he's not a cornerback and he's not a safety) on defense and CB Olaoluwa Falemi on special teams. LB Chris Payne was the scout team MVP for the defense and the scout team offensive line was MVP for the offense. For whatever reason, I always find that interesting. You can also find the TCU game preview at the official site, but the depth chart and things like that have not been updated. Also, QB Seth Doege was named the Big 12 offensive player of the week and S Cody Davis was the Big 12 defensive player of the week. Doege was also named the Davey O'Brien weekly quarterback winner and Texas Tech got some sort of national award for team of the week. All I want is a top 25 ranking for a few straight weeks so I don't think this is a mirage.

Tuberville is also apparently guarding against a second half of the season let-down, which was a big player in the presser as was someone asking about former DC Chad Glasgow to S D.J. Johnson (giggle). In any event, LAJ's Nick Kosmider has a story on the players being wary of letting down their guard:

Added Tech coach Tommy Tuberville: "We did something nobody else thought we could do (last season) and we didn’t win another game. We’ve got to get focused on every day of what we’ve got to do to get better."

DANIEL COBB RETURNS | I had all but forgotten about LB Daniel Cobb, however, he has been reinstated to the team and will actually play this week. Head coach Tommy Tuberville said that Cobb has completely cleared his name and the District Attorney will not press any charges. Here's Tuberville from yesterday:

He's been cleared by the district attorney. No wrongdoing whatsoever. He's had to clear his name. The kid's going to graduate in two months and three and a half years in business. Never gave us one bit of problem. But it cost him two and a half months of playing college football and six games. I'm proud of what he stood for. He's worked hard to clear his name. He's been cleared a hundred percent. He was talked about quite a bit now by the media when he was accused. So I need your help to help clear his name tomorrow. There are no charges. There was nothing ever done. He was a hundred percent innocent, and we're glad to have him back on the team because that's pretty tough on a kid that age that had never done anything wrong in his life in terms of crossing the line and then accused of a felony. Then having to go through that himself, I mean, that's a growing-up process. I can't imagine having to do that.

Sounds like Tuberville is very proud of Cobb and there's even more if you want to read the transcript. Also, you can check out LAJ's Nick Kosmider and DT's Michael DuPont II for summaries of yesterday's presser.

CALLING OUT WEST VIRGINIA | Student of the Game's Cody Davis has some harsh words about West Virginia, essentially calling them overly confident for the game in Lubbock:

I usually don't say anything bad about opponents, but this was by far the most cocky and arrogant team I have ever seen on film and in person. I have played a lot of football too, so I think that says something. I might be wrong, but that's how I saw it. Everyone has an attitude playing football, but it seemed to be more than that. From Eugene Smith not shaking hands at the coin toss and waving us off to Tavon Austin doing his strut after every single catch he made, they were all about Me, Myself, and I... but the best TEAM won the game.

Davis doesn't seem like the sort of guy to actually call out an opposing team, but that's some harsh criticism.

NOTES AND LINKS FWST's Stefan Stephenson has some notes on both Texas Tech and TCU and yes, both of these teams have very good defenses . . .'s Jeff Gunter (i.e. dedficsher) has his post-mortem and it's always worth your time . . . WreckEm247's Landon Wright talks with Texas Tech commit about the win over WVU and says that the coaches see him at cornerback:

"They want to see me play corner," Nelson said. "I did real good there. I told them I was a receiver and they told me to go ahead and go receiver. They offered me as a receiver, they told me I can play either way, whatever is best but I think they really want me at corner."

. . . Turfburner's Jay Beck has his weekly Big 12 Power Poll and has Texas Tech to #3 . . . Football Outsider's Matt Hinton writes that Texas Tech should take a snapshot of the overall defensive rankings because this time last year, Texas Tech plummeted (and Hinton is right, but let's hope for an improvement) . . . Yahoo! Sports Pat Forde writes that Tuberville has earned his company car:

Tommy Tuberville (37), Texas Tech. Tubs has dropped an ambush to plenty of ranked visitors during his coaching career, but few of them were more shocking than the 49-14 detonation of No. 5 West Virginia last week. It marked the third time in three seasons at Tech that Tuberville has overseen an upset of a ranked team: Missouri in 2010; Oklahoma in 2011; and now the Mountaineers have learned about the perils of playing in Lubbock.

TOUCHDOWN BREAKDOWN | This is fantastic.

Touchdown Breakdown: West Virginia (via techathletics)