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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-01-30

ODDS AND ENDS | I've worked quite a bit this weekend on preparing for National Signing Day, which is Wednesday. In fact, I also had to make a decision as to whether or not I would want to write some post game thoughts on the men's basketball game with Missouri or get ready for NSD and decided that I'd be completely out of time this week if I didn't get a post ready for Wednesday. In any event, I should have a post ready to go on Wednesday morning. I do have some recruiting news later in this DTN DD.

One other note. Since I've really only addressed this in comments, I have seen linked the article on Craig James three different times on DTN. Please, for my sake, keep in mind that a FanShot or FanPost about what James allegedly calling coaches during the game is absolutely relevant to Texas Tech, but an article that mainly focuses on James' spectacular political career is not. I don't think I've ever had a problem with posting things that are relevant to Texas Tech athletics. I hope that's clear as mud.

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | RndRckTTU is an absolute blessing and what a a game on Saturday, where Texas Tech picked themselves up, without F Keirra Mallard who was out with an injury, and beat the Texas Longhorns. The Lady Raiders take on the Aggies at the USA on Wednesday.

LAJ's David Just has a notebook (beware of video auto-play) and head coach Kristy Curry was very thankful of all of the fans that showed up on Saturday (over 10,000):

"A lot of people want to ride in the limo, but what you want is someone when the limo breaks down to ride in the bus with you," Curry said. "We had 10,000 riding the bus with us. I can’t thank enough the High Riders and students and that crowd today for sticking by us.

DT's Mike Gutierrez talked with F Jordan Barncastle about what Saturday's win meant:

"I think it’s really cool to go into these next couple games with this momentum and kind of get in the swings of things," Barncastle said. "It was nice to do something we haven’t done in a while. Hopefully, we can beat them (in Austin) next time."

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | LAJ's George Watson has practice reports from Day 1 and Day 2. DT's Matt Villanueva and LAJ's Zach Long (beware of video auto-play) both have thoughts on the newly renovated Rip Griffin Park. The official site also has some video links from interviews on Friday. I also should link to LAJ's George Watson who writes that this year's team should see improvement because of better talent and more depth:

Leading the group of returning pitchers are von Schamann and sophomore Trey Masek. von Schamann was arguably Tech’s best pitcher the last month of the season, finishing with a 5-0 record and 3.92 ERA with 19 strikeouts and just nine walks in 411/3 innings. Masek was steady in the Saturday starting role, going 5-4 with a 4.70 ERA and 33 strikeouts in 67 innings as a true freshman.

Plus, Spencer has third-team all-American closer John Neely back. Neely went 9-1 with seven saves and a 2.97 ERA, striking out 56 in 602/3 innings.

The depth is the key, at least in my opinion, and Watson does a fantastic job covering this team, so make sure and give him a click.

RED RAIDER BASKETBALL | I haven't even mentioned the final score, but as I am sure most of you have guessed, Texas Tech lost to #2 Missouri, 50-63 on Saturday. It was actually a really nice effort and the score was closer than the final score indicated. G Kevin Wagner, G Luke Adams and G Ty Nurse saw most of the time in the second half in the backcourt and all had over 30 minutes, while F Jaye Crockett and F Clark Lammert saw most of the time in the frontcourt. F Jordan Tolbert had some foul-trouble, but he also was a turnover machine (8 in just 16 minutes), while F Robert Lewandowski played only 7 minutes and G Javarez Willis played only 10 minutes.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider has a notebook summing up a few things from the game. Texas Tech takes on Oklahoma St. on Tuesday in Lubbock.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | The official site is going to have a webcast for NSD and like I said above, you can hang out here and comment and post as players send in their Letters of Intent.

LAJ's Don Williams notes that a California JUCO cornerback, Olaoluwa Falemi (5-11/170) has committed to Texas Tech this weekend. I've got profiles going up on Falemi and walk-on Connor Grooms going up later this morning:

"They have chemistry," Falemi said. "They’ve been together a long time, the new coaches that came on the defensive side, so I really like that. The school is nice, the program is nice, so I’m ready to play at Texas Tech."

Again, I'll have more on Falemi later this morning.

I wrote a little bit for the mothership yesterday and now it's out-dated, sigh. Last week, I mentioned that DT Jordan Tavai was down to Texas Tech and Kansas and ultimately chose Kansas yesterday because he liked the coaches better. Just in case you were all wondering, former secondary coach for the Dallas Cowboys, Dave Campo, is the KU defensive coordinator. Personally, if Tavai is willing to think that Campo will get him to the NFL, then he's entitled to his opinion. And if Tavai wants to play for a head coach that does this, then have at it. Again, you can say a lot of things about Tuberville, we all know he's not perfect, but he doesn't hold players hostage and then lecture them if they don't want to play for his team.