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Texas Tech Football | Glasgow and Hocutt Emails Released

I just wanted to get a story up on the front page and I think, wanted to give proper credit. Yesterday afternoon, the LAJ released a story, which I quoted in a FanShot regarding how the LAJ had obtained the email exchange between former defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow and athletic director Kirby Hocutt. There was some speculation in that FanShot about how there was no mention about a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in the LAJ article. I'm speculating here, but my thought is that the reason why the LAJ wrote that they just obtained the emails is because in this audio on Double-T 104.3, The Bottom Line,'s Aaron Dickens (have I given enough credit?) said that the day after Glasgow was let go, he filed a FOIA request and obtained the emails yesterday and the speculation part is that I think that then shared the information with the LAJ. So, if you want to do someone a favor, then click on over to just to give them a visit. I couldn't find a free story on what they uncovered, but from where I sit right now, they certainly deserve the credit for making the request. You could also click on over to the DMN to read the PDF versions of the emails.

If you listen to the audio, the host (I didn't catch his name) there seems to be an implication that Glasgow met with Hocutt on December 19th (and Bobby Gleason, who is a senior associate athletic director) and intimated to Hocutt that Glasgow wanted to make a move to another program, then realized how much that move was going to cost him, then he back-tracked. Also, Glasgow apparently didn't agree with the move the 4-3. The difficult part for Glasgow to explain is that he gave Hocutt his keys, cellphone and told Hocutt he didn't want to be the defensive coordinator.

Listen to the audio, read the emails, make your own decision, but for me, Hocutt looks pretty good here. Again, Glasgow probably wasn't real pumped about moving to the 4-3, but it seems like a situation where Glasgow took advantage of a contract situation after realizing that he could Texas Tech in a bad spot.