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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-01-27

ODDS AND ENDS | As noted in this FanShot, former Red Raider Wes Welker has finally pulled the trigger and is engaged to a former Miss Hooters', Anna Burns. I'm thinking that Wes and RdrPwr can maybe collaborate on colors, tuxedos, etc. Have you ever heard someone on the television talk about the "route tree"? Well, National Football Post's Matt Bowen has a nice breakdown of what that is . . . Totally Texas Tech's TTURed has some fantastic pictures of campus construction. And before you click on the link, know that there are some photos of the Hance Chapel, so if you don't want to see it then don't click, but I do appreciate TTURed taking pictures of all of the construction projects. This isn't about agreeing or disagreeing with the concept, this is TTURed documenting what is happening with the construction on the campus, good, bad or indifferent. I've previously referred to TTURed as a modern-day Winston Reeves. If you don't know who that is, then click the link and take a look at some of the photos that he took and is a part of Texas Tech history. I don't know if anyone else is documenting this sort of thing on campus on a regular basis and at some point, TTURed's work will be included in a collection for Texas Tech, I'm almost positive of that . . . per SB Nation's Grant Brisbee, if you haven't seen the Marlins' home run feature, well, it's sorta spectacular . . . the LAJ's Brittany Hoover has her story on the Leach offer and Texas Tech's declination of the offer and maybe its because I'm reading it early, but I think it's pretty even-handed . . .

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | The WV Gazette has some pretty awesome quotes from interim commissioner, Chuck Neinas. Here's Neinas on Missouri:

"The one thing that gets lost is we're in this predicament because the SEC invited Missouri," Neinas said. "But the SEC was willing to play with 13 [rather than 14] next season. We made an offer to Missouri that was financially beneficial to stay for another year. Missouri made the decision not to accept.

"We had a teleconference call with those in the SEC, Big East, ACC, Mountain West and Conference USA. We all agreed we could save money and avoid litigation if all held serve for 2012-13. All agreed. But Missouri made a very selfish decision. It's been very disruptive. Missouri gave us notice in November [of 2011] and it's pretty difficult to move forward then."

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | DT's Mike Gutierrez writes that the ladies hope to stop the losing streak and will host Texas on Saturday. Here's head coach Kristy Curry:

"Texas has been very similar to us," she said. "They’ve lost a couple of close ones. They’ve shot poorly, and usually when you shoot poorly you lose. They’ve been in the same situation as our team. They’ve got three wins and we have two (in Big 12 play). It’s a great opportunity for us to come out and get that third win and defend our home court."

LAJ's David Just has a brief notebook, including a bit about how G Monique Smalls is playing well.

TEXAS TECH BASEBALL | The official site has the run-down on the players receiving pre-season accolades.

RED RAIDER BASKETBALL | LAJ's Nick Kosmider names a player of the week, which is F Jordan Tolbert and Kosmider also has a notebook including some of the problems plaguing this team.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | I picked this up on the Twitter, K/P Keegan Carter tweeted that he was offered preferred walk-on at Texas Tech. I found this profile on Cater with some video of him kicking and he went to Oklahoma Christian high school.

I thought this was entertaining, SB Nation's Spencer Hall continues his National Signing Day how-to and has gems like this:

Statement: "I'm sure he's going to be the next in our long line of awesome [position goes here]."

Translation: "My expectations for him are already wildly unrealistic, and this recruit is already a disappointment. Should he fail to be anything but a freak in his first year, I will demand his immediate transfer, and question his character in no uncertain terms. I'm not a very nice or realistic person."