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Kansas St. 69, Texas Tech 47 | Post Game Thoughts

Box Score | Post Game Quotes

Kevin Wagner | He must have been given the green light to just shoot the ball, and he didn't shoot particularly well (5-16), and could give this MVP to Tolbert, but why not share the love: 16 points, 4 assists, 5 turnovers 2 steals.

27 to 7 | KSU had 27 points off of turnovers to TTU's 7.
13 9 to 17 25 | TTU's assist to turnovers last night.
0 | Minnis, Willis and Lew missed all 9 shots and did not score a point.


TRYING TO FIND A BRIGHT SPOT | I was pretty sure that this was going to be the result in that KSU would hold Texas Tech to under 40% shooting and limit Texas Tech offensively. That did happen and as mentioned on the right, two of the players that should be leading this team didn't score at all and had otherwise awful nights. Nevertheless, it was so nice to see and I had no idea that what I wrote yesterday, "At this point, I don't know if it's worth to give Kevin Wagner the starting role as this team's point guard," would actually come true. It was nice to see Wagner see significant minutes and yesterday when I wrote that, my thought was, "why the hell not." Tolbert looked significantly better and that's so encouraging, if nothing for my and his psyche.

I still can't say that I understand how minutes are being distributed and why a player will get 36 minutes despite being absolutely awful, while another player rides the pine. I just don't have a good handle on why certain players play and others don't.


Jararez Willis | Willis played 36 minutes, was 0-8 from the floor, grabbed 3 boards and the official boxscore says that he only had 3 turnovers and 2 assists, but I would promise you that he had at least 5 turnovers last night. This is one of those situations where I cannot explain why he got 36 minutes, but maybe he did because there's no one else to give these minutes. I don't know. Rather than watch Willis not contribute anything, I would have rather watched Petteway.

Ty Nurse | Minimal minutes, 6 and didn't do anything. Nurse is such a liability on defense.

DeShon Minnis | Started again, was a turnover machine and couldn't hit his only shot or make either of his two free throws. Blah.

Luke Adams | Minimal minutes, but he at least made a three-point shot, but did turn the ball over twice.

We just got physically whipped, I thought they played with a lot of toughness and a lot of grit for the most part but just too many errors that you can't have against a good team and errors that we just keep repeating and not finishing plays, that's the story of the game. I thought we fought hard, I thought we fought physically hard for the most part of it and I'm proud of their efforts.
- Billy Gillispie
On the team's turnovers.

Jordan Tolbert | So good to see some monster dunks, at the very least, this keeps me hopeful. Tolbert was 6 of 8 from the floor and the same from the line, scoring 18 points, grabbing 8 boards, 2 turnovers and 2 blocks. Really just glad to see him get back on track a bit.

Robert Lewandowski | Lew attempted just 1 shot, a three-point shot, had 5 rebounds and continued to throw the ball away from the high post in trying to feed Tolbert as he also had 5 turnovers. On the positive side, he did have 3 blocks.

Jaye Crockett | Crockett went from 2 minutes to 25, so that's something and he was efficient, making 3 of 4 from the floor and 3 of 5 from the line, had 5 rebounds and looked good. I still can't explain why he's not starting over Lew.

Terran Petteway | Minimal minutes.

Clark Lammert | Minimal minutes, had a foul and a turnover.

Jaron Nash | Minimal minutes and continues his assault on rims while shooting free throws.