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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-01-24

ODDS AND ENDS | I haven't said anything about Joe Paterno because I'm not real sure what to say. You can read SB Nation's Spencer Hall and MGoBlog's Brian Cook. Again, I don't really know what to say here as it's a topic that has so many twists and turns that so much of it makes no sense at all, but then it makes all too much sense at other times.

In completely unrelated Odds and Ends, Matthew McConaughey reprises his role as David Wooderson:

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | LAJ's David Just writes that the team will make corrections and remains optimistic. G Chynna Brown said that the team held a meeting and worked out some on the court and off the court issues:

"We have a couple things going on for us off the court with our team," Brown said, "so today we had a little meeting. We sat down in the locker room and just talked. We opened the floor to whoever had something to say and just talked. ... We’re the ones that have to play. They coach us but when it’s time to perform, we’re the ones that have to play. We figured out what we need to do from here on out."

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL RECRUITING | This is just something to watch as a lot of high school players talk, but I'm not sure that much, if any, of this will come to fruition. I also want to go on the record as saying that I don't totally understand what I'm about to post, but here goes. In the Spartanburg Herald-Journal (think South Carolina) I found this article that discusses Alabama commit, WR Casey Gladney (Rivals | 24/7 Sports | YouTube). Way back during the summer, Gladney committed to Alabama, but as Roll Bama Roll noted, it was largely contingent on Gladney qualifying, which is apparently still an issue. Anyway, here's what Gladney's high school head coach said yesterday:

Columbia High WR and Alabama commitment Casey Gladney made his official visit to Alabama over the weekend. His coach, Kemper Amick, said the visit went great and Alabama is going to take Gladney if he projects to qualify. If not, they would place him in a prep school in New York. "He has a chance to qualify," Amick said. "But it would be late." However, Texas Tech is coming to the school tomorrow and they want to sign Gladney and take a chance on him qualifying. Tech also would sign his teammate, LB Ky Tyler according to Amick. And Marshall would take those two and another teammate, LB Justin Miller.

So I'm not sure what to think here and I'm not sure if Gladney would flip his commitment if Texas Tech also signed his high school teammate, Ky Tyler (Rivals | 24/7 Sports)? Again, I'm not sure. In Gladney's YouTube, he plays both receiver and defensive back. As far as Tyler, he played quarterback last year, threw for 188 YPG with 31 TD's and 11 INT's while rushing for 96 YPG with 20 TD's. Tyler doesn't have any offers despite exhibiting some nice statistics and that might say something about his grades as well.

The other news that's somewhat news is that there are now a lot of schools in on Texas Tech commit DE Chase Robison, as Tennessee has now come calling as well has Colorado, North Carolina and Louisville. Robison has always had smaller school offers (think Arkansas St.) and Texas Tech as the first large school that offered Robison, but I think that Tennessee has come calling as they're about to lose Dalton Santos to Texas.