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WBB: Texas Tech falls to Baylor 72-64

The #17 Lady Raiders lose to the #1 Baylor Bears giving Tech its 3rd loss of the season. Tech scored first and kept the 1st few minutes a one basket game. Tech let Baylor have a few runs where the point spread was 10 or 12 points different but the Lady Raiders fought hard and came as close as 6 points. Tech was flat again at the Free-throw line and had a number of looks at the hoop but failed to make clean baskets. If the Lady Raiders can improve on their FT% and push to get a few more clean shots off then they have a very good chance of beating Baylor on their next meeting and they can beat any other team they encounter.

It was a very tough and physical game and things got a little hot in the middle of the 2ndhalf. There were at least 3 controversial foul calls against Tech in which the crowd and Coach Curry made it known they were not happy. Coach Curry spent about three minutes hollering at the officials and possibly words were exchanged with the Baylor HC Mulkey after Tech Guard Chynna Brown was called for a foul that on the replay nothing could be seen.

Tech needs to improve on their FT%.

The crowd was good and loud. Official attendance: 12,403

Next up is Iowa State in Ames, IA on Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012. I am hoping Tech can get a winning streak started in Iowa.

Stats and quotes are after the break ....

Texas Tech's defense forced 14 turnovers, but the Lady Raiders got just nine points from them.

Texas Tech coach Kristy Curry said her team didn't capitalize on Baylor's turnovers, contrary to what the Lady Raiders have done in earlier games.

"You can't match basket for basket (with Baylor) and you sure can't get a stop and not convert," she said. "You've got to convert against those guys to be successful and obviously no one has been able to do that against those guys so far."

Kierra Mallard 11pts, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1 steal

Christine Hyde 15pts and 4 rebounds and 2 steals

Casey Morris 12pts and 1 rebound

Kelsi Baker 12pts (2 3-ptrs) and 4 rebounds

Monique Smalls 10pts, 3 rebounds and 2 steals

Chynna Brown 2pts and 1 rebound

Jordan Barncastle 2pts and 1 steal


FG% Tech 42.9% Baylor 50%

3-PT% Tech 38.5% Baylor 45.5%

FT% Tech 45.5% Baylor 68.4%


Points in the paint Tech 38 Baylor 36

Points off turnovers Tech 9 Baylor 8

Fastbreak Points: Tech 12 Baylor 4

Last FG: Tech 2nd-01:12 Baylor 2nd-00:44

Largest lead: Tech by 3 1st-17:30 Baylor by 16 2nd-14:14