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Texas Tech 55, Oklahoma 64 | Post Game Thoughts

Box Score | Post Game Quotes

Jaye Crockett | Hard not to pick Crockett again as he had a double-double, 14 points and 10 rebounds.

26-8 | OU had 26 points in the paint to TTU's 8.
0 | TTU had no fast break points.
7 to 22 | TTU only had 6 points off of turnovers while OU had 22.


BETTER EFFORT, SAME RESULT | You're going to think that I'm crazy, but I'm encouraged and maybe I shouldn't be encouraged. The game itself was similar to so many games that we've seen before. Lots of turnovers, 22 for the game and an astounding 15 in the first half. If you consider each of those turnovers a possession and assume that Texas Tech converts a score on just a third of those turnovers, which would be 7, and Texas Tech wins this game by 5 points. I also think the offense looked better in that the players were more aggressive offensively and there were more passes into the post from the wing, rather than just the high post spot. I don't think the team carried out that plan as well in the second half, but it wasn't bad.

Maybe I'm encouraged because of this Raider Power episode that focuses on assistant coach Bubba Jennings and him working with players. It's not so much what he's doing, but rather who is in the video. In the video is C Kader Tapsoba, who hasn't played a minute this year, and the video is shot on December 12, 2011, which makes me think that Gillispie realized some time ago, that despite the fact that Tapsoba may be able to contribute and practice this year, he's redshirting Tapsoba with the thought that Gillispie will essentially have three 6-10 to 6-11 players to put out on the floor next year. Obviously, the talent level of those players is most likely not going to be the caliber of player at Kansas or Baylor or Texas, but I think I get Gillispie's plan. BCG probably saw the writing on the wall this year and knew that he could take his lumps this year, redshirt who he really needed to redshirt, i.e. Tapsoba, get some experience for the freshmen players so they are accustomed to the Big 12 and just let the season happen.

I suspected that this team wouldn't win four or five conference games after the non-conference schedule and that number may be one or two at this point, but I do think that BCG has a plan. BCG has stock-piled three players that give this team immediate height next year and we also know that he has signed a shooting guard in Dusty Hannahs who can absolutely light it up from beyond the three-point line. The biggest task that Gillispie obviously sees is the situation at the point guard spot, where there are two point guards that have committed, but no verification that they've signed. BCG will have to make a determination if a player will be cut to make room for one of these point guards, but that's what he's currently weighing.


Javarez Willis | It's amazing to watch some of the passes that Willis attempts during the course of this game. Blatant passes into double-teams and putting his teammates in bad spots. This is the Jekyl and Hyde nature of this team, which is that Willis scores 16 on 5 of 9 and 4 of 6 from the three point line, but then he has 5 turnovers.

Ty Nurse | Played all 40 minutes and didn't necessarily hurt the team as he had 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 turnover, but only contributed 5 points.

DeShon Minnis | Started, but had a bad and rushed shot in the lane and was promptly pulled from the game. He saw 3 minutes in the first half and 4 minutes in the second half.

Luke Adams | Minimal minutes.

The greatest players can count and account for every single player on the court. So they’re able to pass the ball on time on target, whether it’s football or whether it’s basketball or whatever. And we have a hard time. The ball sticks in our hands. So if a guy’s open and we don’t pass on time on target, we’re not really for sure where all the defenders are and those kinds of things.
- Billy Gillispie
On the team's turnovers.

Jordan Tolbert | Tolbert had a very rough night, going 1 of 10 from the floor and 3 of 6 from the line. He had some good looks at the basket, but his legs look a bit tired and doesn't have the spring in his jump that he seemed to have last month. I think the weight of trying to carry this team is weighing on Tolbert. Tolbert also turned the ball over 5 times. He did grab 10 boards, 5 of them were offensive, so he's still battling and that's good.

Robert Lewandowski | Lew looked more comfortable, but it's still not enough. He looked more comfortable getting the ball in the post from the wing, but Lew isn't looking to score or carry this team. Only 6 points, 3 rebounds and 4 more turnovers.

Terran Petteway | Ed. I forgot to put his name back into my saved PGT, so I'm adding this a bit late. I thought that Petteway actually looked assertive as I've ever seen him, so maybe the one-game suspension did him some good. Petteway hit a couple of three-pointers and was active. I'm guessing that Petteway still doesn't feel comfortable mixing it up inside, although mixing it up inside is what Petteway excelled at doing while in high school. Not the best game, but it was nice to see Petteway be more assertive.

Jaye Crockett | Crockett has had two good games in a row and that's encouraging. The strange thing is that Crockett only got 21 minutes and seemingly deserved more time considering he was a bright spot offensively. Again, 14 points, 10 boards, 1 assist, 1 turnover and 1 block.

Clark Lammert | Lammert is getting minutes that I thought that Jaron Nash would get and maybe that says something about Nash. Again, I think Nash is the better option, but I don't see practices.