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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-01-13

ODDS AND ENDS | It appears that change is coming to the BCS, as college presidents are realizing that the BCS adds zero value to college football, which is does. CBS Sports Bryan Fischer has been at the NCAA Convention and as you all have read, change is on its way. Here's Texas Tech President Guy Bailey:

"This meeting and the board [of directors] meetings are the most substantive since I've been involved in the NCAA," Texas Tech president Guy Bailey said. "I don't know if sea change is the right word but it is a big change. There's serious concern about preserving the collegiate model and maintaining student welfare."

Bailey also said that he thought the BCS worked this year, but remember, he's an Alabama grad (ha!).

RED RAIDER BASEBALL | LAJ's George Watson has some notes on the baseball team and has some thoughts on some of the returning players as they have been mentioned as pre-season All Big 12 teams:

Later in the week, College Sports Madness released its All-Big 12 team with some interesting selections. Barnes, junior catcher Bo Altobelli and sophomore utility player David Paiz were all named first team, while closer John Neely, second baseman Jamodrick McGruder and third baseman Reid Redman were named second team. Also, incoming freshman infielder Matt Eureste was named the preseason Freshman of the Year.

For the most part, I have no problem with these selections. However, I find it hard to see where there's a better all-around third baseman who does more for his team offensively and defensively than Redman. Plus, I'm intrigued by the Eureste selection, especially since coming out of the fall head coach Dan Spencer hadn't settled on a starting shortstop, and Redman and McGruder are entrenched at third and second, respectively. Eureste may end up being the starter there, but it was fellow freshman Bryant Burleson that had the best fall offensively.

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | LAJ's David Just writes that head coach Kristy Curry cannot explain the disappearance of F Keirra Mallard during the Oklahoma game, as she didn't score in the second half other than a late three pointer. Here's Mallard:

"I don’t think I was asking for the ball," she said. "I wasn’t being aggressive. I was being passive and letting my team play. ... I only had eight touches so I think now my team needs me so I have to be there, be the leader and be vocal. I’m going to ask for the ball more."

Don't forget that the Lady Raiders play on Saturday at 2:00 pm in Lubbock and take on Kansas St.

RED RAIDER BASKETBALL | The big news yesterday was that SF Terran Petteway was suspended for one game by head coach Billy Gillispie (official site press release). Here's Gillispie:

"No one could have a greater appreciation for playing hard more than I do," said Gillispie. "Our success will be determined by playing hard at the highest level. However, we do not and will never condone an emotional outburst of the physical nature like what happened last night. We will learn how to compete extremely hard in a sportsmanlike manner and represent the Red Raiders in a way of class. That being said, Terran knew he acted wrongly and was immediately apologetic. He understands that he must suffer the consequences for his actions. We will all use this as learning experience and move forward in a positive way."

I'm fine with this and from what I can tell, Petteway is a good kid who let his emotions get the best of him, but this isn't in his personality.

LAJ's Nick Kosmider writes that what we all saw during the Kansas game from KU on offense is what Texas Tech wants to emulate on offense. Here's Gillispie:

"You’ve got to throw the ball inside, but we didn’t throw the ball inside," Gillispie said. "We didn’t post hard enough to receive the ball inside. When we got it, we wanted to be soft with it. We never had any pace on offense in anything. We made 16 baskets, and if you look at the baskets we made, very few of them came out of offense like we needed."

Kinda depressing to think that there were only 16 baskets made. Uggh. Kosmider also has a notebook that talks about Petteway's suspension, getting off to quick starts, Lewandowski struggling and DeShon Minnis improving.

And don't forget that the men play Texas A&M in College Station on Saturday at 12:45 pm. Preview will be coming later today.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | Not much out there this morning. I did run across this lengthy video profile on Texas Tech commit LB Ryan Flannigan. If you wanted to know a bit about Flannigan (he was the homecoming king and wants to major in criminal justice) then it's worth your time. Turfburner's Jay Beck runs down the excellent offensive players returning to the Big 12 next year and QB Seth Doege and RB Eric Stephens get into the discussion. I hope that Stephens is ready by the time the season starts next year. SB Nation's Bill Connelly has the top 100 games of the 2011 football season. Texas Tech made the list three times.