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Kansas 81, Texas Tech 46 | Post Game Thoughts

Box Score | Post Game Quotes

Javarez Willis | This is the sort of game when you just give it to the only guy that scored in double-figures, which was Willis. Not many good performances.

19 to 6 | KU had 19 second chance points compared to 6 for Texas Tech.
16 | This was the rebounding margin. KU had 40 rebounds, 12 offensive, compared to 24 to TTU.
1 of 11 | Texas Tech had 1 3-point basket, Luke Adams, late in the game.

THE RESULT | BLOWOUT | This was ugly. Pretty much no two ways around this. The game got out of hand early and the refs seemed to be on edge the entire night, ready to call a technical foul or give Billy Gillispie a bench warning for being animated? I'm not sure, the game was completely uneasy after about halfway through the first half. Then things really spiraled as Gillispie was T'd, then SF Terran Petteway was ejected from the game after already being T'd himself. I keep saying this, but it's true, this team is pretty darned awful offensively, shooting 30% from the field for the game and as mentioned to the right, couldn't hit a three-point shot until late in the game. This team can't stretch the defense because they can't make shots from the outside on a consistent basis.

And now I think this team is really starting to miss SG Toddrick Gotcher and what he brought to the team. I'd have to think that if Gotcher was not injured, he's be starting instead of Nurse and at the very least, Gotcher would be giving the team a more varried offensive game (i.e. more than the set-shot that we see from Nurse), a more athletic player and better defender. Hope he gets well soon.


Jararez Willis | The only player that did much of anything, hitting three layups early off of a high screen and roll with Lew, but Willis had 12 points, but contributed in no other way with only 2 rebounds, 0 assists and 0 turnovers.

Ty Nurse | Almost completely absent from the boxscore. Didn't score any points, had only 2 assists and 1 turnover in 32 minutes. I think that Nurse is the least athletic 2-guard in the Big 12. TTU has to have more from Nurse, but Nurse's biggest problem is that he's awful at creating shots on his own and his only shot is a set-shot from the three-point line. .

DeShon Minnis | Minnis was fine and did what I expected, took the ball to the basket and got to the line, but he's just limited offensively to really do very much.

Kevin Wagner | Minimal minutes.

Luke Adams | Minimal minutes.


Just a real good whipping and I don’t like it but it doesn’t look like our players don’t like it as much as I don’t like it and give all the credit to Kansas they have a nice team and were able to do whatever they wanted on both ends of the court and we didn’t give them any opposition at all.
- Billy Gillispie
Opening statement.

Jordan Tolbert | Is starting to fade with conference play. Really struggled when KU's 7-0 center guarded Tolbert and Tolbert had a tough time getting open almost the entire night.

Robert Lewandowski | Lew needs to stop trying to be so cute with the basketball. He had 5 turnovers again, seeming just throwing the ball away when he's playing in the high post. Lew will see something, think it's a good idea, try to pass the ball and the defender is a step ahead. it's getting frustrating.

Jaye Crockett | Shot a ton last night, but he was the only one that seemingly wanted to take a shot other than Willis. Crockett still only made 2 of 12 shots and was close to double-figures with 9 points.

Terran Petteway | Petteway has to know better. He is the son of a coach, and when he was ejected from the floor, the Kansas player swung an elbow and then pulled on his shirt. Doesn't matter. Frustrated or not, he can't react the way that he did. This team is already short-handed and can't afford to lose players for being reactionary in a situation like that.

Jaron Nash | Nash contributes when he's in the game, but he is still a last resort for Gillispie. Something doesn't equate here and I'm not sure what it is. Nash can't shoot free throws, but he's a high energy player that makes things happen and I'm not sure why he doesn't get some of Petteway's minutes. Nash isn't perfect, he's often out of control, but he can play.