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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-09-07

Red Raider football notebook: Mackey could be lost for season | Red Raiders | DE Mackey potentially out for season - The Daily Toreador: Sports
Such depressing news.  I'm hoping that DE Leon Mackey can still play this year.  He's been through a lot to get to a 4-year college.  In the LAJ link, there's a couple of other minor notes, but nothing ground-breaking.

Tech's first-year defensive coordinator looks for big changes in 2011 | Red Raiders
This article says it was published yesterday, but it was actually published on Saturday as part of the LAJ preview.  Still, worth a read about Glasgow's journey to where he is today.

Tech's Dees makes long-range impact | Red Raiders
LAJ's Williams writes a bit about LB Blake Dees as his parents will be traveling from Spanish Fort, AL, to each of Dees home games.  Here's Tuberville on Dee's performance on Saturday:

"He was up and down," Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said of Dees’ first start. "The thing about Blake is he’s real smart, and sometimes he tries to do people’s jobs other than his and he overpursues. But that happens. He’s just got to learn to settle down and play within himself and not try to do too much. He’s going to be a good player."

Back to school " Texas Football
DCTF's Greg Tepper ranks the Texas universities and thinks the Red Raiders are the #4 team in the state, behind Texas A&M, TCU and Houston.  Seems like Baylor should be ahead of TCU.

Twitter / @ChrisLevel
This is roster attrition:

Former #TexasTech point guard Mike Davis has transferred to Western Texas College in Snyder.

By my count, there are three four returning players:  C Robert Lewandowski; SF Theron Jenkins; and PG Javerez Willis; and SF Jaye Crockett (ED. I forgot about what is perhaps the most important player returning.  Sorry).  Some way, some how, those players are leaving.  Those that have already transferred are PF Paul Cooper and SG Jamel Outler. 

Announcing the Inaugural Craig James Annual Award for Sports Analysis Excellence - Rocky Top Talk
RTT will award weekly the most important sports journalism award on the internet!  Here's the criteria:

Each week, we'll present several candidates for nomination; at the end of the year, the overall winner will receive a bronzed hacksaw, 5 plastic bags, and roll of Duck tape, and a framed assurance that nothing at all, really, happened to speak of involving any five particular people being dead at SMU in 1985. Runner-up prizes include complimentary show-cause penalties, no all-expense paid visits anywhere for the next four years, and 55 non-scholarships.

BCS football: Realignment update (Pac-12 CEOs don’t want to expand) | College Hotline
Wilner is the guy to follow for Pac-12 realingment talks.  There's a ton there, so go read the whole thing, but here's a portion:

Sources said the implosion of the Big 12 would leave the Longhorns with only two choices: the Pac-12, or independence.

In other words, the Big Ten is not an option for the Longhorns because the B10 doesn’t want Texas Tech — and TTU would be a package deal with UT.

Taking the independent path would be fraught with challenges for Texas, which would have to find a home for its Olympic sports.

As noted on the Hotline recently, and confirmed by sources in the media-rights industry, there is more money for Texas in the Pac-16 than in the Big 12 or as an Independent — perhaps not in the first few years, but certainly once the league’s TV network(s) ramps up distribution and advertising.

But Texas-to-the-Pac won’t work unless the Longhorns agree to the league’s revenue sharing model, and the CEOs won’t  budge on that issue.

So UT would have to swallow its pride and take the same cut as Texas Tech. - A&M acceptance to SEC contingent on waiver of litigation | Aggies Get Their SEC Invite
OB's Chip Brown says that TAMU's acceptance to the SEC is contingent on waiver of litigation from the remaining Big 12 universities, meanwhile the TAMU Scout site doesn't mention anything about a contingency.   The TAMU Scout site also says that the SEC is looking to invite the Missouri Tigers or the West Virginia Mountaineers

Colorado not eager to reunite with former Big 12 foes should Pac-10 expand - The Denver Post
Colorado is not liking the idea of former Big 12 bunkmates joining them in the Pac-12, saying that "We'll see what Texas does with their (Longhorn) Network. Texas likes things Texas' way."  Additionally, the Colorado president is really puffing out their chests about the academics in the Pac-12:

"I believe that we should have a robust academic atmosphere among all schools in the league," Benson said. "What schools have cinch courses or gut courses? We don't have any and never will. The Pac-12 doesn't. Some Big 12 schools do."


Wilner notes that AAU membership isn't required, nor will it be an impediment to joining the Pac-12:

But when I asked a source close to Stanford president John Hennessy, one of the league’s most influential CEOs, if the AAU issue would be a deal-breaker, the answer was: "Probably not."

Said another source: "If Larry (Scott) thinks adding (Oklahoma and OSU) is the right thing, the CEOs will ultimately fall in line."

(Utah is not an AAU member. Nor are Arizona State, Oregon State and Washington State, for that matter.)

What If Everything Worked Like The BCS: The Spelling Bee - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
TNIAAM won the internet yesterday!  This is worth your time if you dislike the BCS.