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Red Raider Gridiron | Mackey Out a Few Weeks, Marquez Switched to Inside Receiver

PLEASE WELCOME RNDRCKTTU TO THE FRONT PAGE | Please welcome DTN user RndRckTTU to the front page, who will help DTN write about anything she wants, but she'll help me give the Lady Raiders more front page news.  For the longest time, I've always said that I just don't have time for multiple sports, and I still believe that, but that doesn't mean that the Lady Raiders don't deserve front page consideration. 

DTN MOVING SERVICE | I missed quite a conversation yesterday, as I didn't have to work, but I was helping my sister move for a good part of the day yesterday.  I'll be opening the DTN moving service here shortly.  I would just like to remind everyone, on the front page, that the few things that I do not allow are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. comments and would ask that each of you think carefully about what you post and would also ask that you make it incredibly easy for me to moderate comments.  I'd also add that the name-calling rule is still in effect.  Please don't call people names and I'd also add that you please do not say, "that's a dumb comment" as that obviously doesn't call anyone a name, but is calling the comment dumb, or idiotic, or whatever.  Please try to stay away from that.  Saying that a comment is dumb is incredibly easy.  Go after the comment on it's merit, or lack therof.

TEXAS TECH LINKS | The big news yesterday was that DE Leon Mackey suffered a deflated lung in Saturday's win against Texas St.  LAJ's Don Williams has the news (it was also on Twitter yesterday) on the other injured players, who should be back by this week:

The injury updates were better for other Tech players who left Saturday’s game early. Safety Cody Davis took a knee to the head during the game, but Tuberville said he should be back this week. Running back Aaron Crawford (thigh bruise) and split end Tramain Swindall (knee) also could be back by the end of the week, he said.

Williams also mentions that freshman DE Branden Jackson could see some additional time, but look to DE Jackson Richards and DE Aundrey Barr to pick up most of the slack.  LAJ's Williams also notes that Bradley Marquez will flip to inside receiver and Jacoby Franks from an inside receiver spot to wide receiver.  Tuberville said that part of the rational was that Marquez will trigger single coverage on the outside:

Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said during preseason practice that putting Marquez in the slot would "take all our receivers to another level" because he would trigger single coverage for receivers on the outside.  Also, IR Austin Zouzalik will flip-flop inside receiver positions, from H to Y.

Tuberville's five players of the week were as follows:  WR Darrin Moore; DE Dartwan Bush; K Donnie Carona; Offensive Scout Team: Javares McRoy; and Defensive Scout Team: LB Dion Chidozie.

Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown said that he hopes to get TE Jace Amaro more time next week:

"Didn’t get to play Amaro as much as I wanted to this game," Brown said. "We’re working on some things this week to get him some more."

And Brown also talked a bit about why he didn't redshirt WR Marcus Kennard:

"If we can get someone on that (split end) side, whether it’s Swindall or Kennard," Brown said, "to make some plays down the field, then they’re not going to be able to double team Darrin. And also it’ll open up some of our running lanes for running backs."

The DT's Jose Rodriguez has their game story from Saturday's win and new writer, Evan Jansa, writes about Moore record-breaking day on Saturday. 

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT LINKS | I don't know that I know anything new today.  I'd just add that UT spokesperson, Chip Brown, writes that the Longhorns could be looking at the ACC as they would get to keep their Longhorn Network, but Brown doesn't address whether or not the ACC would require equal revenue sharing, as the Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC all do this.  SI's Andy Staples tweeted that ACC commish John Swofford said that UT to the ACC was news to him.  Like last year, a lot of what Brown writes is what UT wants to be published.  I do believe that the Longhorns do have an agenda, which is fine, and they feed that agenda through Brown.  I'd love to see the ACC say the same thing that the other conferences are saying, which is that it's equal revenue sharing or nothing.  Since the Big 12 is the only conference that seems to have this problem of members leaving, it would seemingly make sense that this was the root of the problem.