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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-09-30

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Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland - Unlikely Words - A blog of Boston, Providence, and the world
Kinda makes me want to go to wherever Lapland is.

Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland 2011 from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

Conference Realignment: Rumors of a Big East Mass Exodus - Big East Coast Bias | Source: Big 12 best to stay at 9 - | Report: Big 12 may be interested in TCU after all - | Four ideas to keep Big 12 football in the game - The Denver Post
Four different links.  One says that the Big 12 will stay at nine teams, while the others all talk about how it appears imminent that the Big 12 will invite Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati and TCU, with the other invite possibly coming from BYU.  Word of advice:  don't get invested.

Football links are after the jump, including video highlights from the Nevada game and a portion of a Raider Power episode on DC Chad Glasgow's first day.

Defense: First Day of Practice - YouTube
I am irrationally confident that DC Chad Glasgow is going to get this thing turned around.  Maybe not this year, but give him some time and he'll be a good hire:

Defense: First Day of Practice (via techathletics)

Texas Tech - Nevada Highlights - YouTube


Texas Tech - Nevada Highlights (via techathletics)

Ward sees his role increasing in Red Raiders' offense | Red Raiders
I can't remember when it was talked about earlier in the year, but I had no idea that WR Eric Ward is married and has a kid.  If there was anything that may have held him back the last two years, other than trying to be a receiver, is getting hitched and having a kiddo.  Here's Ward on the past two years:

"I came in right out of high school expecting to play like any other freshman would," Ward said. "And I graduated early trying to get a lead on the other freshmen in my class. But that was in 2009, and now we’re in 2011. That’s a long gap, you know?

"Sometimes you get down and say ‘Dang, I haven’t played football in a real game in, like, two years.’ You start thinking about stuff like that. For me to get the opportunity as a sophomore, it’s a blessing to me. Everybody works hard, and some people get an opportunity and some people never do."

Tech opens Big 12 play on road against Kansas - The Daily Toreador: Sports
Short preview.

Red Raiders football notebook | Red Raiders | VIDEO: Texas Tech vs Kansas Football Game Preview | Red Raiders
There's an injury update, which is that WR Darrin Moore, LB Tanner Foster and LB Pete Robertson are all out this week against Kansas. 

Kansas vs. Texas Tech Tale of the Tape - Rock Chalk Talk
Will be doing a Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk to be posted at noon, but make sure and check out the tale of the tape.

Kansas football gears up for Tech | | Looking for reasons to believe in KU's defense against Texas Tech | Cram Session || KU defense suffering from lack of experience |
Catch up on the Jayhawks!

Seastrunk's hardship waiver denied by NCAA -
Just in case anyone was curious about RB Lache Seastrunk and if he would be eligible at Baylor.