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Post Game Thread | Texas St. Bobcats 10, Texas Tech Red Raiders 50

There's no getting around it, the first half of football was abysmal and I don't think any of those players would tell you differently, but the second half team was a completely different team.  QB Seth Doege was more efficient than I thought (23/33 | 326 yds | 3 TD) and WR Darrin Moore was unbelievable (12 rec. | 221 yds | 1 TD).  I think he has served notice on the rest of the Big 12 that he's good.

The defense was incredibly shaky in the first half, but I think that Glasgow told them to start playing like he knows that they can and stopped getting pushed around.  The Texas Tech defense forced 4 fumbles and the offense definitely capitalized on that.  DE Dartwan Bush played incredibly well and I think that DE Jackson Richards was out of position on just one play.  Richards is a very technically sound player.  Also, very impressed with the overall size and athleticism of DT Dennell Wesley.  He's got something.

There will be some additional post-game thoughts tomorrow, but would love to hear what you have to say.

Also, need to give props to the video production folks.  I virtually had a flawless game-watching experience and I very much appreciate that.  Shout-out!