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Red Raider Gridiron | One More Sleep

BIG 12 IMPLOSION LINKS | I felt that I should start off with the press conference that Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt held yesterday.  LAJ's Don Williams has the story and here's a bit from Hocutt:

“We’re in a nervous position,” Hocutt said, “and our commitment to each other face to face is that preservation of the Big 12 Conference is what we all need and what we desire. At the same time, to look at how vulnerable the landscape feels at this given moment, you cannot deny that.

“Is it a concern? Yes. That’s why I believe we have to get back to 10 members as soon as we can so we can solidify that we are together and we’ll have a league going forward.”

Sigh.  CBSSports Dennis Dodds writes that Air Force is being discussed as an option.  High school classmate, FoxSports Matt Mosley writes that the Big 12 is in the same position again and offers this:

But even the most optimistic Big 12 fans, like the ones in Waco, can't trust the long-term viability of this conference. On Thursday afternoon, there were rumors the Big 12 might be interested in Air Force.  But it still seems like BYU is the most likely target.

A source told earlier this week that BYU would like assurances from the Longhorns and Sooners that it would be taken care of if the Big 12 doesn't survive. Not even the all-powerful Dodds can make that type of promise, though. The biggest thing UT and BYU have in common is a long-term relationship with ESPN. But the real upside for the Cougars would be easier scheduling. Here's a look at BYU's post-September home games: San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho and New Mexico State. And they have a three-year bowl agreement that's just as underwhelming.

You may not want to go to this next link, but I wanted to point out TAMU AD Bill Byrne's weekly post, where he discusses why the Aggies left the Big 12:

There have also been other developments during the past several months that have caused a great deal of uncertainty within the Big 12. You all know the landscape of the Big 12 Conference was altered by the creation of the Longhorn Network. We rebuffed an attempt to televise high school games on the LHN, arguing that this type of activity was a clear violation of NCAA rules. The most recent attempt by ESPN is to take highlights of high school games as part of news segments. The NCAA is taking a wait and see attitude on the highlights. I disagree with their stance – as do many of my colleagues across the country. We anticipate that ESPN will continue to push the envelope with the Longhorn Network, regardless of Texas A&M’s conference affiliation.

In my opinion, Byrne is right.

VS. TEXAS ST. | LAJ's David Just  writes that the Tuberville and Franchione are old friends who look to meet again on Saturday.  Here's Fran:

“My niche in coaching has kind of become building or rebuilding programs,” Franchione said. “Taking this (program) from FCS to FBS football seemed like something that was up my alley.”

Yes, ask Alabama and TAMU about how he rebuilt those programs

DT's Jose Rodriguez writes that Texas Tech is set for the season opener and DE Leon Mackey is not only a BMF, a role model for his teammates with his work ethic, but he's also wise:

“I know a game like this is a game that you really got to focus in on because a team like this can kind of beat you,” Mackey said Tuesday. “They can kind of take you back to the Appalachian State-Michigan game, so we’re doing everything we can to prepare, like more than everything.”

AAS's Cedric Golden opines about Franchione at Texas St.'s Aaron Dickens has a Q&A with The Bobcat Report

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