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Post Game Thread | Texas Tech Red Raiders 59, New Mexico Lobos 13


Well, that was fun. 

QB Seth Doege was almost perfect for the day and I don't think the defense really even played that many plays.  As of when I'm typing this, there were 14 receivers that had a catch and I now have for sure seen DT Delvon Simmons.  It's hard for me to complain with this game.  I do think that there are some things to fix and am a bit worried about the secondary, but this is one of the worst secondaries last year and I think they're making improvements.  Really appreciated the way and method that the defense is coming along.  That one long play (I think it was a 69 yard reception for New Mexico) was the worst part about the defense and that's just one play. 

Celebrate tonight.  We get back to the game tomorrow.