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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech vs. New Mexico Game Day Links

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*These two links are incredibly helpful if you intend on sitting around the house and watching college football all day.  I promise, you'll thank me later.  Also, today's game day thread goes up at 1:30 p.m.

OH, HI! MOAR CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT | The UT Board of Regents and the OU Board of Regents are set to meet on Monday.  OU has "conference realignment" on the agenda, while UT has "matters related to athletic conference membership and contracting".  Sounds exciting.  In other news, the NY Times' Pete Thamel is reporting that Syracuse and Pittsburgh are being targeted by the ACC for expansion, which would possibly mean that the ACC is looking to get to 16, which might include Texas and Texas Tech.  I don't really want to talk about conference realignment today, but feel free to do so in this post.  Meanwhile, Team Speed Kills' Year 2 writes about how a move for Texas to the ACC makes absolutely no financial sense.  I'll co-sign that.

MOAR WHITE HELMETS | It was posted last night that Texas Tech would wear white helmets tomorrow.  In fact, the team will wear all white tomorrow.  I've said numerous times that the while helmets don't bother me.  Partly because white helmets, almost the exact white helmets, are part of Texas Tech's uniform history, as are red helmets and even silver helmets.  The helmet to the right is from the 1974 season.  I don't get why people are still upset about the white helmets, most college fans celebrate when their team has multiple looks or helmets, but for some reason, this drives you crazy because, I think, that you believe that Tuberville said that the white helmets would only be used for practice and you think that they look like Auburn's helmets.  I said this last year, but it seems to be ignored, what if the players lobbied to have the white helmets worn, since the kids these days love things that are different?  What if Tuberville relented and said, sure, whatever you all want to do and rather than address it, he's just taking the fall?  And as to the Auburn thing, they do look similar to the Auburn helmet, but they also look just like the white helmet that Texas Tech wore from 1970 through 1974.  I can think of 10 different things that drive me crazy more so than whether or not my team wears a helmet that's a different color than what I want them to wear, but that's just me [For instance, why won't the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia let me bring my child home? Why does my mom have to have breast cancer (she's doing well!)? Why is it a possibility that my wife is going to maybe need back surgery for the second time and she's just 30 years old?  These are just three, but I'm positive I can think of 7 more.  And yes, I realize that this sort of rational could apply to a handful of things and make me not care about Texas Tech or football, which is why you really don't see me get irate on DTN.  This is supposed to be fun.].  As Tech92 mentioned in the comments, it's the players that chose to wear the white helmets, so please direct your ire towards them (I'm kidding, please don't). 

Game day links and highlights of QB Seth Doege and WR Darrin Moore are after the jump.

GAME DAY LINKS | LAJ's Don Williams and David Just are in New Mexico and have depth charts for the game as well as an article on head coach Tommy Tuberville wanting the team to get off to a fast start.  Tuberville talks about last year:

"We struggled last year," Tuberville said. "It was a pretty close game until going into the fourth quarter with them, and they’d lost a lot more than that the week before to Oregon, so that really doesn’t make any difference. It’s a different team every week, different set of circumstances, different players on both sides, different strengths and weaknesses.

"We’re playing at their place, and we’ve got a lot of inexperienced guys. It’ll be a tough game for us. We’re going to have to go play well — play better than we did last time."


Wide Receiver Darrin Moore (via barryruben)

MISCELLANEOUS LINKS | Total Packers is reporting that QB Graham Harrell was cut by the Green Bay Packers, but was resigned to the practice squad.  We sorta knew that.  What we didn't know was that he also received a $220,000 signing bonus on top of his salary.  Woot! . . . Texas Tech commit WR Reginald Davis had 113 yards rushing and 92 yards passing in a win for Tenaha . . . Texas Tech commit ATH Kennan Ward had 257 yards rushing and 44 yards passing (and played defense) in a big win for Snyder . . . Texas Tech commit QB Clayton Nicholas had 128 yards passing and 5 passing touchdowns as Abilene-Cooper whipped up on Lubbock High . . . #