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Red Raider Gridiron | Hunt Together

POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | This is not a word-for-word transcript, but a hurried attempt to cobble together the general idea.  The raw video is embedded below.  Also, if you missed the reports from Saturday and Sunday, you've missed a lot.  You're woefully behind.  Just like Glasgow says, you can't show up every other day, you have to show up every day.  "Every day, every play."  Make it happen. Let's go.

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Practice #2 in the books.  Trying to not make their head spin as much as possible.  Will start going in the morning with pads and a walk-through tonight.  Pushing through it.  We look more athletic, a bit more speed, more athletic ability.  Need to get the fundamentals down, will need to do that over the next couple of days.  Don't know how much scrimmage time we'll have, more concerned that they know what to do.  Good second day, WR Darrin Moore had a death in the family.  (Talk a bit about Urell Johnson, Jared Flannel & Jarvis Phillips coming back from injury.) They hall had surgery, coming back, they add depth.  Urell, we had to fix his shoulder and missed spring.  Needs to get stronger, in very good shape.  Just experience, he hasn't played much. (Talk about the leap from 1st year to 2nd in secondary.) We don't have a lot of depth, Derrick Mays coming back, we'll need it going into the fall, Jeremy Reynolds was out with headaches today. (Talk about fullback Omar Ontiveros.) He did a good job during the spring.  We don't do a lot of two-backs, will use smaller backs, but not a big lead back.  Depth will help tremendously, Ontiveros and Jace Amaro will help give different looks.  (What about Sam Eguavoen?)  He's a good basketball player.  Just a good athlete, probably further ahead than other freshmen in terms of being an athlete.  He may not know what to do, but he makes plays based on his athleticism.  Hopefully Sam will pick it up and is athletic enough to make plays.  (Jakeem Grant was in a blue jersey?) Just sprained wrist, we want him want 100% healthy for scrimmage.  (Talk about Jacoby Franks being back out here.) He played fast today, Franks and Tramain Swindall should have good years, they know how to play, they know how to get it done and they've been in battle before.

Urell Johnson | (Getting back out there and getting healthy.) Been a long year, adapting to the system.  Much faster in college, pretty confident in what he's doing now.  (Talk about the importance of the cornerback position.)  The cornerback has a big role because the safeties depend on the cornerback a lot and must be fast.  (Talk about the team speed.) Very important, must have if want to be successful. (Talk about Glasgow.) He keeps us fired up, if you don't do what he says, he's all up in your face.  He expects you to do things right away.  He's a good coach.

Terrance Bullitt | (Talk about practice.)  It's going good, everyone is picking up on their schemes, but still have some things to learn.  (Is it difficult for first few days.)  Need to get used to being back into the heat.  (Talk about the intensity tomorrow during first practice with pads.)  Asked coach if he could hit them in the mouth, he said save it for the scrimmage.  (Talk about the team speed.)  Much faster this year, a lot of credit goes to Coach Walker, very important to be fast in this conference.  (Talk about Glasgow.) Every day, every play.  No plays off, he doesn't show favortism.  (Talk about the phrase, hunt together, kill together.)  The "kill together" was added by the players.  Just means 11 guys to the football, need to get all red and black jerseys to the football (Talk about when someone messes up.)  Glasgow doesn't show favortism, we need that.

Jarvis Phillips | (Talk about being in the second year in new system.) Pretty anxious to get started, want to have a better year. (What are you doing different?)  Working on footwork.  (Talk about team speed.)  We have secondary back and hope to be faster, will be good and excitiing (Talk about how important cornerback is.) Out on a corner, it's important. (Talk about hunt together.) It's 11 people together on each play.

So much more you won't believe it is all after the jump.

PRACTICE REPORTS | We've got a handful of reports from yesterday's practice:  LAJ's Don Williams,'s Will McKay & Taylor Hair,'s Joe Yeager, and's Travis Cram.  If you watch the video, then you know where a lot of these guys get their notebook stuff, it's out there and it's in the non-transcript and it's Tuberville and the players they want to offer up after practice.  I thought that Joe Yeager's report gave you the best idea of what was happening and some of the smaller details, which I really appreciate.  Yeager mentioned that Daniel Cobb and Zach Winbush at strongside linebacker are both struggling thus far and Cobb is taking plays off and lack consistency.  That's not good.  I should also note that both Williams and Yeager agreed that WR Eric Ward had a really good day yesterday, as did WR Marcus Kennard.  LAJ's Williams also has a feature story on secondary, which again, is mostly gathered from the post-practice presser. 

OFFICIAL SITE STUFF | The official site has a short article on Glasgow and his intensity, while there's a Q&A with freshman RB Ronnie Daniels.

MEET THE TWO-DEEP | Terrance Bullit is all over this place today (also watch via YouTube).  Say it with me, "Every day, every play."

VIDEO| KAMC with a bit on the team being bigger, faster, stronger . . .Fox 34 has video, but I couldn't find a link to a specific story with the video.  Am I just missing it?