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Red Raider Gridiron | Day 1 In the Books


PRACTICE HIGHLIGHTS | Practice highlights!! Go check it out.  You can also check out the official site photo gallery.

POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | It's the triumphant return of the non-transcript of post-practice press conferences. For those of you who don't know, I try and just type as quickly as I can in the hopes that I can catch the biggest parts of what each of the participants are saying. It's not word-for-word, but it's something and I try and link tot he videos so you can watch them yourself and let me know if I missed anything. I try to do this somewhat quickly, so accuracy is not a huge priority.

And as you'll note, the post-practice press conferences are being streamed live as they happen on Ustream (here's the official site Ustream channel, you might want to bookmark that) and I'm willing to bet that you can also be able to find better quality on the YouTube channel and the official video channel.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville (Ustream video link)| Good start, should have a good start on the first day. energetic, everyone trying to make an impression, lot of work to do. Tomorrow we'll have our second one and Monday is pads. (How much more talented is this team this year?) We won't know until we start going team and go full speed. You can have speed and quickness, but unless you play fast, it doesn't make a difference. We look like a better football team out here in terms of size and strength and the strength coaches have done a pretty good job. We're in pretty good shape. We got a lot of work to do in trying to get used to this heat. Today the turf was 140 degrees. It's going to be tough once we start putting on pads. We look more athletic. We have more depth at defensive line and linebackers. Work our younger guys tomorrow. (Is graduating the ultimate goal for these guys?) Yeah, it's hard playing football, we've got 9 guys on the team that have their degrees, 6 got them today and 3 got their degrees in the spring. We're proud of them, it's a full-time job for football and for athletics. QB Seth Doege graduated in 3 or 3 and 1/2 years, we want them to be examples for the younger guys. Most of them will be working on their second major or their masters degree. (Like what you saw out of Doege?) Yeah, we don't want him throwing a lot now, limiting him and Karam now to let younger guys throw. Want them to throw more during team drills. (Is Fehoko moved from defensive end and linebacker?) We'll move him all over, linebacker and defensive end to see what his best position is. (What does this mean for Dees?) Dees will play one position, linebacker. (Can you talk a bit about Delvon Simmons?) He looked good out there, that #8 doesn't cover those big shoulders, if you get a number that low and your a d-lineman, you get a target on your back, but they don't care. (Pete Robertson got a lot of reps?) Got a lot of reps at safety or linebacker spot and add some depth. Not a lot of depth at the safety position.


Alexander Torres | Sam Fehoko | Seth Doege (Ustream video link) |
Alexander Torres |
Long graduation. Carona and Crawford were there and a big accomplishment to get that done with years to play. Feels great, sticking to trainers play, not do anything dumb, stay on top of training. (Do you feel like elder statesman?) definitely feel like the old guy, teaching the younger guys and learn from some of these guys as well. Use that experience to step up when team needs me. (Who looked good?) Jakeem Grant is quick, Jace Amaro is a big guy, be nice to see him with pads. Derek Edwards and Marcus Kennard were good in the spring, everyone is excited to see what they can do. (Is the talent elevated?) The older guys set our standards high, the 8 wins weren't enough last year, the older guys put pressure on the younger guys and the younger guys stepped up to the challenge.
Sam Fehoko | Right now they have me at linebacker, right now, it depends on where the team needs me. Played defensive end in high school, but feel comfortable playing both defensive end and linebacker. (How did it feel today?) Pretty hot, team is bonding more. (What do you think about the talent level?) Definitely exceeded from last year, they have all worked hard from last year.
Seth Doege | (How did if feel to be the guy with keys to the car?) Not my job yet, still made mistakes, but something to build on. A lot more speed on the offense now, think the new guys did well today, but it's a building block and get better each day. Trying to improve every day, get better every play.  (Who impressed the summer and today?) Kenny Williams and DeAndre Washington this summer, got to throw it to Jakeem Grant this summer, he's a fast kid.  (What about long break?)  Long summer, but very productive summer.  There were mistakes, can work on those mistakes and get better.

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's Don Williams files his notebook and WR Jacoby Franks has switched from flanker (Detron Lewis' old position) to split-end (Lyle Leong's old spot) and says that working with Doege during the summer:

"I regained my confidence in the summer when I was running with (quarterback Seth) Doege, when Doege made me go through all these routes all day," said Franks, who had 25 catches for 254 yards in 2010. "My confidence is there, and now I’ve just got to go make plays."

We're still waiting on the NCAA to clear DT Delvon Simmons to be eligible.  Yesterday, Tuberville said that it wouldn't be a problem, so let's hope so.  Williams reports that DC Chad Glasgow was getting after LB Daniel Cobb as he's still a bit inconsistent and the injured players are TE Tony Trahan, S Giorgio Durham, DT Donte Phillips and CB Eugene Neboh

LAJ's Williams also writes that there is competition between freshmen running backs Kenny Williams and DeAndre Washington.  Washington thinks that he and Williams can eventually be a formidable 1-2 punch:

"I’m able to make people miss in the open field," Washington said. "Kenny’s a great back. He brings a great asset to the team. So I think with us like a 1-2 tandem — explosiveness and power — it’s kind of like Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams back in the day."'s Aaron Dickens and Will McKay also have some notebooky things. 

VIDEO | In no particular order, NewChannel 11 (wasn't available when I checked), Fox34 and KAMC.