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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-08-29

Hi.  I am tired and almost done moving.  Luckily for me, it wasn't hot at all this weekend.  Would not have been able to do this had it not been for my friends (shout out) who helped me get it all done in a span of two days.  I still have a little bit to clean up, but it's pretty much done.  With that being said, this is the first time that I've opened up the computer since Friday morning.  I've missed quite a bit and I can also assure you that I'll probably be behind for at least the next few days.  I've just got a couple of links, I'm sure that some of these have already been posted on DTN.  And I apologize for not covering the Lady Raiders this morning, who it appears had successful weekends.  Congrats to them!

Red Raiders depth chart has freshmen, transfers galore | Red Raiders
Lots of newcomers in the depth chart (which you can find by going to the official site) and considering how well the freshmen and JUCO's have played, it's not much of a surprise. 

2011 Missouri Football Preview: Texas Tech - Rock M Nation
The always well-written Bill Connelly previews Texas Tech.  Good stuff, as always. - Q&A: Tuberville, Brown, Glasgow | - SIX: Newcomers to watch
I know that this Q&A is already posted, but it deserves your attention.  There are a lot of good thoughts from offensive coordinator Neal Brown and defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow. YEAGER: Texas Tech-Texas State Storylines
Not so much about Texas St., but more of Yeager's thoughts on the state of the team.  Still worth your time.

Hance says Big 12 expansion targets might be 'bigger story than Aggies leaving' | Red Raiders | Aggies setting stage for Big 12 departure - San Antonio Express-News
I have been thinking about this over the weekend and the only thing that concerns me are the proclamations that the TAMU replacements will be the bigger story.  I get why they're putting on a brave face and that they maybe have to say publicly that the Big 12 intends to stay together, but the fact that TAMU has divorced itself from almost all of their regional rivalries is a huge story.  Anything short of Notre Dame would not meet my expectations, although Hance does say that the expansion targets is the story, not who the Big 12 will eventually get to join the Big 12.