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Texas Tech Football | Red Raider Gridiron | Might Want to Get on Their Track Spikes

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POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | The video was a couple of places, here (Tuberville) and here (Simmons):

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Defense did a good job today, still mistakes on communication on offense.  Worked on running game, 2-minute drill, 4-minute drill and special teams.  Didn't have as many penalties, about 100 plays.  Field goals were exceptional at points, but lose concentration.  Not best day by QB's, the defense won out.  Take tomorrow off, and be back at work on Friday.  Carona is doing good, he's inconsistent.  Kicked a lot of long field goals, not as consistent as we would like to be.  No backup kicker because of a pulled muscle the whole two-a-days.  Glad to have (Delvon) Simmons  back.  It's a relief, haven't understood it the whole time, but what else is new.  It worked out and it should have been worked out a long time ago because he did everything he needed to do, but he had to go through the proper channels and there's a lot of red tape that we had to work through and a lot of people did good jobs of helping in terms of getting out message over, but he's a Red Raider 100% now and the pressure is off of him.  He's going to be a heck of a football player, I think he even practiced better today knowing he would be here for sure.  We're counting right now, but we really haven't gotten into that, but I would say going in he's a 15 to 20 play guy, we're in pretty good shape depth wise, we have to find out who the two-deep is, but he has to get into better shape.  He can play all downs, he's gotten in much better shape.  He'll be in better shape 5 weeks from now, lifting weights, having to go to summer school puts you behind and you don't get to work on things that you need to work.  Pretty good from injury, Austin Zouzalik tweaked his ankle, I think he'll be fine and think he'll ice it down and was able to look at younger guys.  Troy (Tuberville) plays tomorrow night, I get to see him on Thursday nights and Tucker (Tuberville) on Friday nights.  Lot of tense moments on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, my wife might not make it throught it and send her to the beach for a few weeks.  The round-robin Big 12 schedule, been a long time since I've done it, the only thing about that is that there will be a true champion, and everybody will play everybody, unfortunately we won't have a championship game.  There are plusses and minuses with both.  I think everyone is up in the air about it because we play one less non-conference game, we can schedule it through the season, not that it would be an open date, but it would be a time where maybe you could play a few more players, but we've got our first four weeks plus our open date.  Probably allow staff to be more familiar with football team.  We know nothing about Kansas or Kansas St. because we didn't play them last year.  Don't know how long it will last, hopefully we'll have more teams.  More continuity for fans, knowing that you're going to play each each.  Simmons mixed him in with 1st and 2nd team, didn't play 3rd team much, everyone played, but we just mixed them all in and held a few guys out.  DT Donald Langley and DT Kerry Hyder are in good shape, DT Pearlie Graves have come on and DT Chris Perry is in much better shape to play this year.  Missed a few days with a bum shoulder, but he's done well and of course you have Delvon and I've told everyone, you win with depth, don't care how good you are, need to play more people than we played last year.  I

DT Delvon Simmons | Feels good and relief off his shoulders.  In meeting when got news, in team meeting Coach Tuberville and Coach Lutz gave me the news.  Everyone clapped for me, told the story in a meeting and told them what happened and they all clapped.  The process was stressful, thinking if I was going through all of this for nothing.  Trying to get better each day, do what coach tells me to do.  Didn't tell me the issue.  Hope to get better and help the team out any way I can.  Weighed in a 286 today.  Very excited about school.  Got stronger, was out of shape, but now it's easier.  I don't know what type of impact, we'll have to see.

TEXAS TECH AND NOTEBOOKY LINKS | A big welcome back to the Daily Toreador staff, who started publishing articles today!  There's a bunch of articles, but I'll just go with DT's Jose Rodriguez who writes about QB Seth Doege overcoming past injuries to be Texas Tech's starter:

"It never crosses my mind, ever," Doege said, referring to a pair of ACL tears that nearly derailed his college football dreams in high school. "The only time I ever think about it is when somebody asks me about it.

"It’s like it never happened."

. . . LAJ's Don Williams writes his notebook with a lot of the information from the non-transcript, but also has this bit from SS Pete Robertson, who was switched from free safety to strong safety earlier this week:

"It kind of confused me because I already had all the plays down from the beginning of fall with free safety," Robertson said. "So when coach Glasgow told me I was going to strong safety I didn’t think it would be that big a difference.

"When I finally moved, it’s harder than I thought it was going to be. I get more tired at strong safety than free safety going on blitzes. But I’m going to get used to it and it’ll go pretty good."

. . . of course I'm burying the lead as the big news yesterday was that DT Delvon Simmons was cleared by the NCAA to not just practice, but to play.  LAJ's Williams has the article and as Tuberville mentioned, he expects Simmons to play about 15 to 20 plays a game, which is pretty good for a true freshman . . . as some of you may know, Texas Tech plays the Texas St. Bobcats in about a week and a half.  The San Marcos Record's Tyler Mayforth had this update:

Texas Tech won’t have an idea of what to scout for on Texas State, because no game film is available for perusal.

If the Red Raiders want to keep up with the Bobcats, then they might want to get on their track spikes. Texas State hasn’t slowed down in practice since Franchione and his staff got here in January.

"It kind of surprised us at first, but once you’re out there and you actually do it, you don’t get as tired any longer," Hall said. "Right now, the tempo is probably twice as fast as it was for us in the spring."

The Bobcats’ offense isn’t the only group flying around the field.

"They’re running, but we’re keeping up with them," senior defensive end Ron Jackson said of the offense. "Our coaches have us running all around this field, so whenever an offense starts running fast on the field, we’ll be ready for it."

. . . 24/7 Sports' Gerry Hamilton looks at the best by position for the 2012 recruiting class and has high praise for the 2012 commits:

A second program from the state of Texas is putting together an impressive class on the offensive front. Texas tech has five commitments on the line, including four-star prospects Michael Starts (Waco, Texas/La Vega) and tackle Trey Keenan (Argyle, Texas). They are joined by a trio of high three-star prospects in tackle Halapoulivati Vaitai (Haltom, Texas), guard prospect Christian Okafor (Houston, Texas/Westbury) and center Jared Kaster (Rice, Texas/Rice Consolidated).

. . . Wreck'Em 24/7 Sports has a look at the 2012 commits playing their first high school game of their senior seasons.  There are a handful of players mentioned, but here's an example:

Reginald Davis, Tehana (Tehana, TX)
WR recruit Davis will lead Tenaha as the team’s QB again this year after helping the Tigers reach the Class A Region III semifinals in 2010. Davis is arguably the most athletic player at the Class A level and will have help in the backfield from sophomore standout Chavis Gregory. Last season Davis rushed for 1,346 yards, threw for 681 yards and had 32 total touchdowns.
THIS WEEK: Davis and Tehana hosts Class 2A Joaquin, the first of multiple Class 2A teams Tehana will face before district play.

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | Meet the two-deep continues with QB Jacob Karam (watch via YouTube).  For me, it's really hard not to like Karam as a human being . . . OC Neal Brown praised the work of the following players from Tuesday's practice:

Top performers from yesterday: J.Karam, S.Corker, R.Daniels, O.Ontiveros, L.Edwards, L.Waddle, C.Douglas. Guns Up!

. . . there was a photoshoot and western wear (and I am sure there will be photoshop) with Brett Dewhurst, Lonnie Edwards, Jacoby Franks and Donald Langley:


I don't know what to say (hat-tip to mojavereject) so I won't say anything . . .

BIG 12 AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL LINKS | SB Nation's Bill Connelly previews the Oklahoma Sooners like no one else can preview the Sooners . . . Pre-Snap Read's Paul Myerberg checks in with the Texas A&M Aggies, who check in at #10 in his pre-season countdown . . . CRFF provides masturbation aids for each Big 12 fanbase (hopefully it goes without saying that this isn't safe for work based on the 8 words, especially if your employer tracks what you click) . . . the Big 12 previews the Kansas Jayhawks . . . SB Nation has a new Pac-12 blog, Pacific Takes, and we one day hope to be a part of this wonderful, beautiful conference . . . the BlogPoll will be run by SB Nation and Andy Hutchins and I've got to have a ballot done by Monday.  I don't think that's going to happen . . . CNBC's Darren Rovell writes that the Longhorn Network isn't an automatic jackpot:

Let's start with the Longhorn Network, which launches Friday, but has no carriers. Texas will receive $10.98 million a year and receive guaranteed three percent bumps through the life of the contract.

But Texas will only receive the truly big bucks — equal to 70 percent of the net revenue — after ESPN nets $295 million on the project. That might never happen. Carriers will surely come, but at what price will they accept a deal? And how many Longhorn fans will push their local carriers to get something done with one football game and eight men's basketball games? ESPN officials did not immediately respond to comment.

. . . Mercury News' John Wilner has his thoughts on possible Pac-12 expansion and has this incredibly quick bit about Texas Tech:

Texas Tech would bring nothing to the table — TTU is worthwhile only if paired with Texas — and the same goes for Kansas State.

I think mbrown603 (or anyone else, I just know mbrown is very knowledgeable) needs to leave a few comments with Wilner . . . NewsOK's Berry Tramel writes that the Big 12 needs to be proud of the fact that the Big 12, even without Nebraska and Colorado, is still a pretty darned good football conference . . .'s Andy Staples has an article about how Mark Cuban is trying to implement a new NCAA rule.  It's not a playoff, but an invitational:

Proposal 2011-87 suggests that the NCAA should allow four teams from leagues that don't play conference championship games to play a pair of invitational games. It's not a playoff. It's not an alternative to the BCS. It's only a chance for teams to play a 13th regular-season game that could make for excellent December viewing.

This article is worth a read and despite what you think about Cuban, then interesting thing to me is that he hired someone to call athletic directors to find out how they all feel about a playoff.  The other interesting thing is that Cuban has turned away from a playoff because of politics:

After the initial blog posts, the playoff wackos -- not me, but other ones -- e-mailed and called. First, Cuban and Brett Morris, the man charged with building Cuban's foray into college football, had to sift through every imaginable bracket structure. Later, the serious inquiries came from conference officials and athletic directors. That's when Cuban and Morris turned away from the idea of a playoff and toward something that might work within the current structure. "We realized really soon that taking the side in the playoff debate was not just something we wanted to do," Morris said. "There weren't really any opportunities there. Once you get down to the nitty-gritty and the politics of it, there is just a lot that needs to be done among the schools and the conferences to get something like that done."

What's interesting to me is that although people would love a college football playoff (I'm one of them) I think that Cuban has invested his time and effort into figuring out if these schools are willing participants.  I'm also interested by the fact that he also asked help from John Infante, who writes the Bylaw Blog and knows how the NCAA works better than just about anyone . . .