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Red Raider Gridiron | You Can Be Late, But You Can't Be Stopped

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NOTEBOOKY AND OTHER STUFF | LAJ's Don Williams has a short notebook, focusing on DE Kindred Evans and the three freshman running backs (Ronnie Daniels, Kenny Williams and DeAndre Washington) who all had similar numbers in Saturday's scrimmage.  Totally Texas Tech's TTURed has a bunch of photos from the Knights of Columbus Tech Knight Kickoff.  The DMN has three reasons to be optimistic (I give this article a big, "Meh.").  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that former Red Raider QB Graham Harrell has solidified the #3 quarterback spot in Green Bay.

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | Meeting the two-deep took a day off on Saturday so you got two yesterday, including WS Brett Dewhurst (link and watch via YouTube) and RB Aaron Crawford (link and watch via YouTube).  I like Aaron Crawford as a person.  Please don't hold that against me.

BIG 12 AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL LINKS | Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton finishes Big 12 Week with a look at the Texas A&M Aggies and forecasts the Big 12, including the thought that Texas Tech finishes 7th in the conference . . .

SLOW NEWS DAY | Because it is a slow news day, I thought it would be a good idea to post the video of defensive tackle coach Robert Prunty which was taped during the spring.  One thing I didn't realize was that his father died when Prunty was 10 and his mother died when he was a freshman in college.  It's easy to see how Prunty can relate to so many kids.  I bet he's got a great story to tell about life and perseverance.