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Red Raider Gridiron | Putting Your Name on the Dotted Line

POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | The video is here and it's glorious.

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | After yesterday's scrimmage, all of our QB's stepped and played well yesterday, defensively they probably won the battle over the long-run, looks like they are further ahead.  Today, the QB's didn't do very well, we put them into the wind and they didn't make good decisions.  We have to work out consistency, we have made progress.  We will scrimmage again on Saturday.  The big thing on the QB's is consistently making the right decisions and they are pressing to make big plays.  Our offense is a throw offense and not designed to score on every play, but they need to take the play that's there.  Main thing we are looking for on defense is playing 11 on 11.  LB (Sam) Eguavoen, LB Blake Dees, watched the linebackers. LB Cqulin Hubert has played much better than last year.  When you have competition, guys try to make big plays rather than just run the offense.  We throw the ball, but they are short throws.  We've got almost all of the offense in, we rep it everyday, we have a different center, and it takes concentration, but hopefully we can get more consistent center.  The no huddle, almost any high school player has been in the no huddle and can't make a mistake, we had too many illegal procedures.

IR Austin Zouzalik | Not surprised with anything, the outside receivers, WR Bradley Marquez and WR Derek Edwards did good.  Lot of competitoin still going on on offense, me and IR Cornelius Douglas are still competing, it's inspiration.  Marquez, WR Tramain Swindall, all of the inside guys can turn a pass from a 5 yard catch to a touchdown, IR Alex Torres can do it and I think I can do it.  I'm excited about punt returns, last year, it was too half-hearted, this year the young guys are showing up at meetings and the old guys are thinking that they're going to be left off the bus.  The heat is tough, but Coach Cumbie has preached to us and go get back up each and every day.

WR Tramain Swindall | We felt good about how we played and how we flew around.  We do it year round and we do it a lot and try to get guys relax.  Ready for school to start, even though I've already graduated, ready for camp life to stop.  Feel like I know every position, it hasn't been hard for me to make the transition to a new position.

LB Sam Eguavoen | We don't too much hitting, just try to keep people safe.  The heat has helped us gel.  I wake everyone up at 6:15 in the morning.  I've been doing good this fall, my teammates have helped, especially Hubert.  Glasgow is a really good coach, he was even out there playing on 7-on-7's and got a pick.  Very different than high school, where we ran a 3-4 and I was on the outside, but now I'm inside the box.  The defense isn't that hard, but college is just faster than high school.

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's Don Williams and David Just and's Aaron Dickens and Will McKay and all I can say is c'mon Jace (talking about TE Jace Amaro), git 'er done.

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | Meet the two-deep with RB Eric Stephens (watch via YouTube) . . . a short article on yesterday's annual kickoff luncheon . . . and the team is striving for consistency . . . in two separate tweets (here and here) OC Neal Brown gave props to the best from Tuesday's scrimmage:

Top guys from yest: D.Moore, T.Swindall, M.Kennard, A.James, C.Douglas, A.Crawford, D.Washington, J.Franks, K.Williams, S.Young, M.Brewer, J. Karam, L.Waddle, M.Okafor, B.Carpenter, R.Daniels. Practice this afternoon, Guns Up!

MISCELLANEOUS TEXAS TECH LINKS | Excellent work from Turfburner's Jay Beck on his Texas Tech preview.  It's always tough to write previews about different teams because you invariably get things wrong, but Beck did a good job . . . good stuff from LAJ's Don Williams on five positions that the next scrimmage could help determine, which include right defensive end, the linebackers, the field cornerback, split end and back-up safeties.  A good read this morning and don't forget to bookmark LAJ's Williams depth chart, that he updates as new information arrives and thought that this was a really good idea . . . I didn't realize this when released their preseason stuff and LG Lonnie Edwards made their 2011 Preseason All-Big 12 Team (Congrats!) . . . ESPN's David Ubben reviews the Big 12 recruiting, and per the ESPN recruiting rankings Texas Tech is #15 in the nation and #4 in the Big 12 . . .

BIG 12 AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL LINKS | Big 12 Week continues with Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton and looks at the Kansas St. Wildcats as they rebuild again with a familiar formula and the Kansas Jayhawks will take it on the chin again . . . Pre-Snap Read's Paul Myerberg previews the Oklahoma St. Cowboys and says they're the #16 team in the nation . . . proving and disproving myths by MGoBlog's Brian Cook, i.e. Myth 1 - passing too much on offense makes you defense ill-prepared for smash-mouth football; Myth 2 - long scoring drives rest a defense; Myth 3 - running teams do better in the red zone than passing teams; Myth 4 - offenses with running QB's break down as the season progresses; Myth 5 - offenses with running QB's have bad defenses; and Myth 6 - run oriented offenses do better in the 4th quarter.  This is very much worth your time . . . THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS!  Vox Magazine interviews Bill Connelly (from Rock M Nation and Football Study Hall and Football Outsiders) and I am shocked to learn that Bill is not a robot . . .

CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT LINKS | I love alternate viewpoints and Braves & Birds writes that nonsense about tortious interference and that ESPN has a conflict of interest in conference realignment is absolute bullsh.  This certainly makes sense and it will be interesting to see if Clay Travis responds . . . Awesome!  Per SAEN's Brent Zwernemann and Mike Finger, the Longhorn Network still plans to air high school football highlights and run a ticker across the bottom of the screen.  The ESPN/LHN person had this to say:

"As we've said, we appreciate and support the discussions surrounding the complexities of televising stand-alone high school games on Longhorn Network," ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said. "In the context of news coverage, it's obviously a completely separate matter and we plan to report on high school athletics in a way that is relevant to the audience."

The Big 12 responds, forcefully:

Before the NCAA issued its ruling on youth sports coverage last week, the Big 12 released a statement to the Houston Chronicle saying the league's position was that highlights would not be permitted under the moratorium. Thursday, however, Big 12 spokesman Bob Burda said the league will leave the interpretation of the rule to the NCAA.

I wonder who's going to win this battle?  And to those that wonder if airing highlights of high school kids on the LHN would make a difference, ask yourself if when Michael Crabtree catches a certain touchdown to be a certain highly rated team had an effect on the type of receivers that were considering Texas Tech?  It may not always make a difference, but it could certainly sway some players and that's the inherent unfair advantage (at least for me) . . . DMN's Tim Cowlishaw ($), but you can almost always find the article somewhere else for free, like here, writes how the Big 12 can remain a football power, but his options are just like every one else's options . . . if you're not following DMN's Chuck Carlton on Twitter, he's been gold in terms of realignment discussions that stemmed from this article at the DMN ($), and had the following last night (I've reversed them so they read in order:

Before anybody nominates me as village idiot, yes I know it's a long shot. But the Big 12 wants to maximize any advantage it might have.  Key fact in Big 12's strategy: Notre Dame makes $15M reportedly from NBC. Irish could keep current deal and make additional $20M in Big 12.  Big 12 source: on ND "It would definitely be a conversation worth pursuing and having." Irish would have to join as full members.  Regarding BYU, Cougars would be able to keep school network (BYUtv), play in automatic bid league and not worry about indy scheduling.  Quick responses: Yes, I know about Notre Dame's culture. But Irish losing ground to be Big Ten financially; might have to consider a league.  All this from the Big 12 side. They're hoping that Notre Dame and BYU are open to listening, crunching numbers, seeing where it leads.

The Big 12 will take all of your teams that already have their own networks!  We love overlords . . . FWST's Jimmy Burch writes that in order for the Big 12 to survive, the Big 12 needs enforceable contracts, and this article includes quotes from Texas Tech President Guy Bailey:

"We do have to do get something to secure our future... and that probably means putting your name on the dotted line," Bailey said. "Doing that in a legally binding way is pretty important."

. . . Dallas Observer's Richie Whitt writes that as Texas A&M tries to leave the Big 12, this is more about the Aggies' inferiority complex with UT.  I still think that this is more about being treated as an equal rather than being treated as an afterthought and as a Texas Tech fan, I can relate . . .  Awful Announcing's Ben Koo writes about how ESPN and the traditional media have swallowed their whistles with all of the major college football stories being broken by news outlets (like Yahoo! Sports) rather than by ESPN:

The reality is that ESPN and all the other newspaper writers, TV personalities, Scout, Rivals, and radio folks in that press box that day just don't want to ruffle any feathers and bite the hand that feeds them. There is just no incentive to go after a team, college, or league's dirty laundry when a good amount of your programming and content stems from covering and promoting that institution.

This is what I was getting at yesterday . . .

RANDOM LINK | I won't do this every day, but was mesmerized by what this guy could do with a bicycle, hat-tip Kottke (video is after the jump):