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Red Raider Gridiron | The only kind of ability is accountability.

POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | The video is here.  It doesn't pause and it's awesome!

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Two good practices today, 120 plays, made too many penalties, losing concentration, been a long week and a half, the guys are a little leg-weary.  Hard to tell who stood out, the defense won today, put their back against the wall.  Conditioning is good, not in great shape, but good shape.  Trying to assimilate a drive by leaving them in 12 to 14 plays, but there's not much we can do to assimilate the game.  WR Javares McRoy is out and practicing, won't be eligible this year.  Have good leadership, hard to do in two-a-days, they are pushing themselves as hard as possible.  They've had good meetings, but we have another week before one-a-days.  We had officials looking at punt formation.  P Ryan Exrleben has a rested leg.  K Donnie Carona only missed one field goal and he had a good day.  Started to work on return, kickoff and punt, and we want to be better.  IR Austin Zouzalik is leading on punt returns, and if we went right now, it would be RB Ben McRoy, maybe one of the new running backs.  Still waiting on DT Delvon Simmons from the NCAA, but they've got their hands full.  Most of our coaches work out and it's a hard day to spend, spend 16 to 18 hours here, but they hold in there, we have a lot of young guys on the staff.

RB Bradley Marquez | Overall game, we do lift weights and practice.  Do everything we did in the summer, we compete in practice and will be ready.  The MLB contract means a lot for him and his family.  Worked for 18 years and to finally be a professional athlete.  It's a blessing and blessed to play Texas Tech football and baseball, definitely cherishing this.  Everyone is supportive and coaching staff to be supportive.  The challenge will be a full-time athlete, and will need to push to get those hours in the fall and still be on track without tacking classes in the summer.

FS Jared Flannel | Things are going real good, flying around, getting the defense down and focusing on not making the same mistakes.  Just running to the ball every play anad that's where you get in shape.  Mentality now is going hard, and if we can keep people off the ground, we'll be stronger.

So much more after the jump.  Don't you dare not click through. 

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's David Just  and have their notebooks, but it's all in the non-transcript, but with proper grammar and stuff.

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | Meet the two-deep continues with S Giorgio Durham (watch via YouTube):

"The only kind of ability is accountability."

. . . talking with RB Bradley Marquez and the thought that he's a dual threat talent . . . a bit on the defense doing well yesterday . . .

TEXAS TECH LINKS | LAJ's David Just profiles freshman FS Pete Robertson and before I write anything else, this was well done and I should mention that I'm very much enjoying the work of David Just.  Anyway, I'll let Just take it from here:

Robertson has been the subject of much scrutiny from coaches during the first two weeks of Tech practice. With each mistake, a turbulent Glasgow would sprint toward Robertson with another earful of piercing criticism.

"Every time he takes off running and that hat falls off his head I want to laugh, but I’m too tired," Robertson said. "It isn’t intimidating. He’s going to push every single safety and everybody on the defense to work harder and give 100 percent."

Robertson said he actually prefers to be treated that way by his coaches.

I love players that like to be coached.  Awesome.

The staff at FSSW has an article that really isn't worth your time, but I'm linking to it because that's what I do.  FSSW's Brian Smith has his ten breakout players in the Big 12 and one of my favorites, S Terrance Bullitt:

When asked who stood out this spring, Tuberville told "I'd say Terrance Bullitt made the most improvement of anybody on defense." That's a pretty strong endorsement coming from a coach who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Bullitt dislocated his shoulder last week, but should be returning within the week and will be ready to go for Tech's season opener against Texas State. The increase in speed and athleticism across the Red Raider defense will be a key in its turnaround, and Bullitt possesses both of those attributes. Bullitt got a great pedigree as well: his older brother, Melvin, plays safety for the Indianapolis Colts. Look for Terrance to be a staple in the Tech secondary this season and beyond.'s Mike Graham takes a look at an expansion candidate, the Air Force Falcons.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND BIG 12 LINKS | Big 12 week continues with Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton who writes that the Oklahoma Sooners may have the hype, but do they have the defense and also looks at the Iowa St. Cyclones, who keep things respectable one upset at a time . . . if you want one place to follow the Yahoo! Sports story, then like I always do, follow the SB Nation story stream as it will have your updates in one place and I would be remiss if I didn't link to SB Nations' Spencer Hall and Andrew Sharp posts on the situation . . .