A-J Exclusive: Hocutt says he had no knowledge of wrongdoing at Miami


From Lubbockonline ""Did we have knowledge of it? No. Heavens, no," Hocutt told the Avalanche-Journal on Wednesday." ""We don’t think there’s anything to this involving Kirby," Bailey said. "Apparently, neither does the NCAA. If there were anything — or if there were any hint of anything — they’d be talking to him." When asked why it didnt come up in Tech's hiring process, Hocutt said, "It wasn’t on my radar screen, because seven months had elapsed from the allegations to the time that I came to Texas Tech, and there were no further allegations made or questions come forward relating to this situation. It was accusations from a convicted felon that stole $930 million that was being made from jail. It wasn’t an active case. It wasn’t an open case." "Tech hired a headhunting firm, Parker Executive Search, to participate in its athletic-director hunt. Bailey said the firm didn’t turn up any concerns regarding Hocutt. "Not only the search firm, but other people we consulted as well," Bailey said. "We talked to a wide range of people. We did a thorough investigation, and had there been anything, we’d have found out about it." "Tech Regent John Scovell was part of the search committee, and he said he was impressed by the search firm’s process. "They’re very methodical in how they go about that, checking records to see if any candidates we were considering had any history — whether it was two weeks ago or 10 years ago — any violations or any reasons to be suspicious," Scovell said." "I don’t think I’m being lackadaisical," Scovell said. "I’m not concerned about that. I know this young man very well. There’s not any doubt in my mind about his integrity." Selected quotes from article. (Updated by LR).