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Red Raider Gridiron | "At Some Point" and "Could"

POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | The video was fine today.  I wish I knew why the video can be great one day, but then be awful the next. Also, I have a quick question.  I try to put the position in front of each player.  It doesn't really take up any additional time.  I was wondering if anyone finds it annoying that I do that or if you kinda like it?  Let's get to it.

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Back to one a days, did situational team, short yardage, long yardage, goal line, have the players start to think about those situations and the type of plays they'll run.  The effort was much better in terms of fundamentals early, seemed to lose the concentration, we have to make sure we keep intensity when we go 11 on 11 in practice.  Lot of small mistakes and a small mistake can cost you a game on this level.  Trying to put as much pressure on them.  C Justin Keown twisted his knee, out 4 to 6 weeks, moved RG Deveric Gallington to center, reserve Terry McDaniel to right guard.  First few games we'll to play some young people.  MRI is back, no surgery now.  Gallington does a good job at center, you just hate to lose a guy that's been out there, hopefully we can have him back before we start conference play.  Just have to adjust, we were in a non-contract drill.  He's in good spirits, have a little bit of swelling, but we'll start getting him back.  His right knee.  Deveric will do good.  He can handle it, no doubt about that.  Will start to move things around after Saturday, we're going to have plenty of time to move people around.  Didn't do as much mentally on defense.  Offensively, we have so many young guys play, the thing we want to do is to have everyone in the right spot.  Worked offensive line around, OL Alfredo Morales is out with a sprained shoulder and C Tony Morales is out with surgery.  FS Pete Robertson has made a lot of progress, at safety position.  He doesn't show up much in the secondary at the safety position, which is good because it means he's not making many mistakes.  He's come a long way, he plays hard and plays reckless on defense.  LB Sam Eguoven shows up every day on every play.  He plays reckless and that's the type of player we're looking for.  Eguovoen will play.  I like his tenancity, he'll make mistakes.  He loves the sport.  Always a surprise for a freshman to play.  Glasgow is coaching hard and if he's not coaching your hard, you're not going to play.  He'll also pat you on the back. 

RB Eric Stephens | Came out competed very well in scrimmage, further ahead.  QB (Seth) Doege was doing great.  As far as my role changing, I have to be a leader.  Daniels does a lot of things for us, out of the backfield and receiving.  Most common question from the young guys is what to read and footwork.  I couldn't tell you how the coaches will workout the redshirts.  I don't know what they're looking for and who will play and who will not.

QB Seth Doege | The scrimmage was decent, my performance was average.  We now have some film and we know what we need to improve upon.  I just need to worry about what I need to improve upon.  Sawyer Vest, their team beat us out, we had a hard time stopping him, he reminds me of that.  Losing Keown, he loves this team, it's definitely going to hurt us, but if I know Justin like I do, he'll be here as soon as he can.  Baby D took staps all day, today he didn't have a bad snap.  Tight ends and receivers get better every day.  All of the receivers, WR Darrin Moore has been good recently.  Sawyer is a scrappy guy and he's a fighter, he jumps routes well and that will help get him playing time.

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's Don Williams (scroll down as it is part of the Hocutt & Miami story) and's Will McKay have notebooks, but it's all in the transcript. 

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | Meeting the two-deep continues with WR Tramain Swindall (watch via YouTube) . . . here's a bit about how competitive practices unite the team and WS Cody Davis says the team is closer:

"I think we are a much closer team this year," Davis said. "We did more things over the summer together and kind of formed that bond. I think it shows out here in practice when we are going offense versus defense. We're a little bit more competitive, and there's a lot more excitement on the sidelines. That turns it up a notch on the field."

. . . here's an article about how the team is back in full pads . . . last, but not least, OC Neal Brown tweets the best performers from Monday's practice:

Top performers yesterday: J.Franks, T.Swindall, L.Waddle, C.Douglas, J.Amaro, J.Karam, A.Crawford.

TEXAS TECH LINKS |  DMN's Mike Graham has 3 players that could break out this year . . . and Graham also pens the Lindy Sports preview for Texas Tech . . .

BIG 12 IMPLOSION AND YOUR NORMAL BIG 12 LINKS | DMN's Chuck Carlton talks with Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe who has this to say:

At some point soon, Beebe said he could approach the Big 12’s board of directors about setting a date for A&M to make a commitment.

He raised the idea that the Big 12 could pursue a stronger contractual pledge "because the one last summer wasn’t binding enough." In addition to the current rules specifying withdrawal penalties, Beebe suggested that the extended commitment would involve damages for any school that would leave.

While Beebe didn’t offer a time period, the remaining 10 schools made a 10-year pledge last season.

Beebe said the conference had "already suffered damages to its name, brand, and reputation." A $1 million rebranding campaign by Austin-based GSD&M Idea City called "This Is How We Play" has been essentially rendered unusable.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  I don't know what to say.  I don't know that I could have made this up as a fake story.  At some point, Beebe could approach TAMU about a commitment.  That's two qualifiers in that statement, 1) "at some point"; and 2) "could".  And the higher contractual penalties will hurt which universities?  Hmm.  Let's see, what university of the nine Big 12 members could afford just about any penalty or buyout and which eight universities could not?  Too much deep thinking this morning.

Anyway, Beebe confirms that there's no ultimatum:

Beebe said he was not issuing an ultimatum to A&M. "I don’t think any of this is unreasonable or nasty," Beebe said. "It makes sense especially with scheduling and other long-term concerns."

As most of you know, ultimatums only work when you have some leverage and right now, Beebe has no leverage.  I think the best thing that Beebe could do right now is not make any public statements.  It's not getting any better.

In other Big 12 news, CBS Sports has their Preseason All-Big 12 and the only player selected is LG Lonnie Edwards . . . CBS Sports also has a podcast that I haven't had a chance to listen to, but there it is . . .