Ten for Tubs....

 10 items for Tubs to take to heart this season


10) Let NB coach the offense.  We got the feeling you couldn't help but mircromanage the O last year...take the training wheels off and embrace the wide open style that NB has and you can incorporate the great backs also.  Don't forget....attack all parts of the field, this can be running or passing (did that piss you off that my talking point came from Swing your sword?)

9) I too have noticed that the older I get the more I get into weather.  I also think more about my bowel movements than ever before, but I don't bring that up to my clients.  Let's focus less on weather during football season.

8) You are really wanting to set up some new traditions here...huh?  Tell you what.  Win some effing games and I will lock pinkies with everyone in the stadium during extra point tries if that is your next one.

7) Scott Smith needs to tackle someone and take out aggression.....please see that #82 becomes his full time tackling dummy.

6) Your in game coaching must step up.  That 4th quarter punt in the UT game was anemic and then you spent the rest of the season trying onside kicks....only Leach could get away with drinking while coaching a game.

5)You got a new boss. He doesn't wear diapers and yell "I like grapes" randomly.  Feel free to use him as a resource.  His boss is still a tool and shouldn't have any say in what you do on the field. 

4)White helmets with white jersey and white pants are what the homeschool and juvie teams play in....give it a rest. If thats what the kids vote for, use your veto.

3) For god's sake, the games last year felt like a wake.  Unleash the Chad and let him address the team prior to walking out on the field so it appears that the team isn't on valium.

2) Please hire Seth to be your press secretary...he will help you avoid landmines

1)You are our guy, and you know more about football than we do.   We know more about Tech than you do.  Relax, and coach with a major chip on your shoulder because that is how we accomplish the most around here.....wreck 'em

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