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Red Raider Gridiron | I want to see guys fly around.

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Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Not too hard of a practice today because of scrimmage tomorrow, hope to get in 120 to 150 plays, try to get an assessment of where we are at.  Terrance Bullitt has sore shoulder, be back in a week.  Derrick Mays is back.  LaAdrian Waddle just had a sore ankle.  Will start evaluating quarterbacks on down after scrimmage.  Doctors won't let Giorgio Durham go yet.  Are going to move some people around next week.  (Blake) Dees is getting better, wanted him to work his way up.  He's doing fine, we put more in the first 6 or 7 days, will continue to add through next week and that's it.  Will evaluate from then.  Blake is doing a good job, he's just a freshman, he's going to have to play some.  Spring was a big help for Blake, has a long way to go in terms of technique, not ruling out as a starter.  For (Ronnie) Daniels, playing him some at wide receiver, he's a tall guy and has speed, he will still play running back and make the defense guess as to personnel and is a coaching move as well.  Ronnie has done a good job and will show up more in scrimmages because of the way he runs.  If TAMU went to the SEC, it wouldn't change recruiting.

LB Blake Dees | Excited to run with the 1's.  Glasgow brings intensity and that's how it should be.  Wasn't expecting to play, just to play my best.  Very excited about the scrimmage, now the defense will be ready to lay the hats down.  Being here in the spring helped me learn the defense more, had more of an inside scoop as to how the defense was going to work.  All of the older guys tell me things to look for to help me be a better football player. 

RB Ronnie Daniels | Very excited, just go out there and make plays.  Very glad he went through spring, advantage to know the plays and get to know the guys.  As a player, it's a challenge and hard to stop someone playing two positions rather than one.  Helped me out learning both positions and put it all together made it easier.  Eric is a great mentor, always trying to get us better.  He wants someone out there on the field that wants to win.

DT Chris Perry | The first week has gone good for the defense, try to perfect the defense as much as possible.  Different mentality, more intense, will make mistakes, but make up for it with effort.  Everyone needs to be accountable.  Very comfortable knowing that everyone wants to contribute, the front seven, everyone is one the same page.  Just a lot of repetition and take advantage of the reps when you are given them.

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's Don Williams writes that LB Blake Dees will be switching positions, from middle to strongside linebacker, where he'll compete with Daniel Cobb and Zach Winbush rather than Cqulin Hubert and Sam FehokoLAJ's Williams also features a profile on freshman CB J.J. Gaines who is learning to play the cornerback position for the first time.  It's also nice to see Eugene Neboh, who is out with a hernia surgery, helping out Gaines and the other cornerbacks:

Gaines said he goes to junior Eugene Neboh for guidance, and the two draw up plays on a whiteboard.

"He helps me out with the coverage," Gaines said. "Where I should be, where my linemen should be. Things like that."

Neboh sees in Gaines an athlete with "a lot of toughness and spirit." Gaines always works hard and fights, he said.

"Even though he’s not fully aware of the game now, he gives it his all," Neboh said of Gaines. "He’s really talented. ... I’m trying to help the corners watch film, look at technique or watch certain route concepts and just kind of give them more knowledge so that they can be better off than I was."

OFFICIAL SITE STUFF | Here's a story on the grind of training camp, and come to think of it, I don't think I've called it "training camp" but rather fall practices . . . anyway, the team will hold its first scrimmage today, but is closed to the public and media . . . there was a Q & A with running back coach Chad Scott and here's a bit:

Q: What are you looking forward to seeing tomorrow out of the running backs?

A: Competition is the biggest thing. I want to see guys fly around. We have been in camp now for five or six days and guys have had some time to run every play we are probably going to call tomorrow, and have seen other guys run. So tomorrow I'm looking forward to guys coming out there with a limitless amount of effort and enthusiasm, great energy and competing their butts off."

. . . just a FYI, Omar Ontiveros has been one of Brown's top performers for three straight days and in case you're wondering who Ontiveros is, he's a converted defensive tackle (he was pretty small) to a blocking fullback.  And before you say anything, Leach did have blocking fullbacks in his offense, Ryan Hale is a name that sounds accurate as a blocking back, especially on short yardage situation:

Top performers yesterday: E.Stephens, K.Williams, D.Moore, T.Swindall, O.Ontiveros, A.Torres, S.Doege, 1st OL, T.McDaniel, D.Carona. Guns Up!less than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply