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Red Raider Gridiron | So if you don't hunt, you don't kill, then you don't eat.

Some days I'm not sure where to start.  Obviously, the lead story is the TAMU to SEC stuff, but decided to have it after the football news.


Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Offense played better, still a long ways that can compete at major college football, still have guys that need to compete.  Defense struggled a bit with some new things.  Tomorrow will have a nice practice and scrimmage to figure out where we are after the first week.  Seth Doege had a good day and the receivers had a good day.  Secondary giving up too many deep balls.  We can make the X and Z go back and forth, lookng for separation on go-routes, need a guy that can make separation, can go up and jump and get the ball.  Swindall has done better.  Corker is getting much better, there is a height advantage there.  Terrance Bullitt popped his shoulder out, should be alright.  The FCA banquet will benefit the high schools in the area and the FCA on campus and helps fund these programs.  Made a lot of progress last year, this year we are going to focus on a couple of players that will talk and how it's affected the team and community.  We need guys in the secondary that can make quick decisions.  D.J. Johnson and Tre' Porter have made progress, maybe move some offensive gusy over, the safety in the defense is central to having success.  Need to have two-deep and three-deep at the position.

DE Leon Mackey | Big 12, just like any conference going from JUCO is a big change, it's good to watch bad habits.  Ups and downs as far as adjustment, didn't expect anything easy.  Coach Glasgow and Tubs pushing them hard, work every chance I get.  Prunty pushes hard, sometimes he may be a little hard on me, I know I make mistakes.  4-2-5 makes it simple, especially to rush the player.  I have an adjustment to make, take it one day at a time. Wearing #11 to honor his brother.  Coach Walker is the key to success, flexability improved.

WR Tramain Swindall | Feel more comfortable outside, started slow, starting to come back tome.  Glad got the opportunity to be outside receiver.  Won't cut beard, maybe make SportsCenter.  Offense played better.  Jakeem Grant is so little, but so quick everytime he touches the ball, can go to the house every time he touches it.  Jace Amaro is huge, will do really well, making big plays and big catches.

WR Darrin Moore | Came in late, but getting back in the groove.  Yesterday didn't have enough enthusiasm, the receivers took it upon themselves to do something.  The early team period helped give some energy.  Doege is doing good, putting the ball on the money. 

NOTEBOOKY | More injury news, LAJ's Don Williams writes that S Terrance Bullitt left yesterday with a shoulder injury, but its only a day-to-day injury.'s Aaron Dickens and Will McKay have their notebook today.  LAJ's Williams also goes through the options at the flanker position.  Williams notes that the reason why Moore was a couple of days late to start practice is because his father passed away.  Thoughts are with Moore and his family.  Williams also discusses Shawn Corker, Bradley Marquez and Tramain Swindall as the options at flanker. 

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | There's a Q & A with LB Sam Fehoko and he has this bit of awesomeness when asked about the phrase, "hunt together, kill together":

Q: The defense has taken on the motto "Hunt Together". What does that phrase mean to you?

A: For me, coming from the Islands, we love to hunt. We go out and hunt pig, and hunt shark . So when we hunt, we make sure we kill, because that is what we eat. So that is what it basically means. So if you don't hunt, you don't kill, then you don't eat. When you are out there on the field, you want to hunt the offense. If you are not hunting the offense, you're not going to make the defense look good. The defense is not eating because they are not keeping that '0' on the scoreboard. As a defense, we hunt together as one whole--together all the time."

Also, there's this story which notes that the offense rebounded yesterday and won the day.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND BIG 12 LINKS | I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, there's a lot of smoke for there not to be a fire (I said something like that) and so we have a handful of links regarding Texas A&M's move to the SEC.  IAT12M's miketag writes that August 22nd is the day that the TAMU Board of Regents will meet to approve the Aggies' move to the SEC.  Everyone's favorite puppet, Orangeblood's Chip Brown, writes that a TAMU spokesman says that there is no agreement in principal and also has a comment from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott who says that the Pac-12 is "fully focused on developing the Pac-12".  I'm hoping for this option.  Meanwhile SportingNews' Matt Hayes says that the report of TAMU accepting an SEC invitation is "just not true" which is technically correct according to the previous links, but that it might be true on August 22nd.  Hayes also looks at what would happen if the Aggies did end up taking their talents to the SEC.  The Chron's Jerome Solomon writes that the Aggies should stay rather than go to the SEC and CBS Sports Bryan Fischer writes that the reasons TAMU wants to leave runs deep.  CBS Sports' Dennis Dodds writes that UT leaving to go the Pac-12 makes sense as the LHN could be folded into a regional network for the Texas and Oklahoma schools.  NewsOK's Berry Trammel writes that if TAMU leaves then the Big 12 will be a big mess.  We appreciate Trammel stating the obvious.  I'm sure there is more out there, so feel free to post additional stuff about the Big 12's implosion in the comments . . .

. . . Football Study Hall's Bill Connelly ranked the defensive lines and offensive lines and here's a hint, the offense line was pretty good, while the defensive line wasn't as bad as you think . . . Turfburner's Jay Beck has some news and notes from around the conference . . . ESPN's David Ubben assess the Big 12's second-year coaches, while the Ubbenator also has the Big 12 All-Name Team and this is what Ubben writes about Tuberville's second year prospects:

What we can expect in Year 2: Tuberville has done everything he can to get rid of that pass-defense problem. First, he recruited the best class in school history, stocked with big pass-rushers. Next, he went out and hired secondary guru Chad Glasgow from TCU to be his defensive coordinator and bring in his 4-2-5 scheme. This year, that rough experience may pay off for younger players, as the injuries healed up during the offseason, so more experience returns to the field. This season won't be the Red Raiders' year with a new quarterback, a new running back and a loss of its top two receivers. Expect a bowl appearance before Tech loads up for what could be a big 2012 season after Tuberville signs a recruiting class in February that should be even better than the program's best ever in 2011.

. . . 24/7 Sports ranks the top 247 recruits of the 2012 class and WR Dominique Wheeler and DL Michael Starts makes the list . . .


Inside The Football Equipment Room (via techathletics)