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Red Raider Gridiron | The Defense Wins the Day

POST-PRACTICE NON-TRANSCRIPT | I only had time to transcribe Tuberville and Langley, but J.J. Gaines also gave some quotes after practice. Here's the video link.

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville | Good hot day, thought we got a lot done defensively, made progress.  Started to learn tempo, easier to play defense because it's not all mental.  Did a good job on first down and blitz.  Offensively, we took a big step backwards, need some leadership.  Have no room to waste a practice, not sharp, not a lot of enthusiasm.  That's the reason we practice and we get better.  (Asked about TAMU to SEC.)  Nah, no comment.  (Talk about center and right guard.)  Trying to find as many center as we can.  Keown is there, Deveric and David Neill are also getting reps.  Need to travel with three guys that know the blocking schemes.  (Talk about leadership.)  Have a few seniors on the offensive line, but leaders can be freshmen, sophomores, it doesn't make a difference.  The players need to be motivated.  Doege, Karam, they need to be more vocal.  (Did the redshirt help Erxleben?)  Yes, trying to keep the kickers fresh, hopefully we are handling it the right way.  (Talk about the offensive line and running game.)  Can't do a lot in the running game when you don't have shoulder pads or just have pads.  We're not going to be a great running team, yet, because we throw it a lot more.  We don't want to be a team that runs more than they pass.  We need more continuity.  We have the running backs.  Last year, I thought we had a "B" in the running game, need to be at an "A".  (Talk about the experienced on O-line.)  Can happen with younger or older guys.  We need to take pride in both running and passing.  (How is Tre' Porter?)  He's fine.  (Talk about J.J. Gaines.) He doesn't know much in terms of technique or fundamentals, he's got speed and quickness, he's thick, but we have to evaluate if he has the hips to play cornerback. (Talk about Aundrey Barr.)  His knee is better, but we don't want to drain him, but we have young guys that need reps, he's being more of a coach right now.  He'll play

DT Donald Langley | We just did what Glasgow coaches us to do.  Give it up to Coach Walker and tribute to the weight program.  No excuses and got after it.  We have to get better.  Mackey, Leon Mackey, he looks and plays the part  We feed off of each other.  (Talk about depth.)  The depth at the nose, we're getting better, we have to bring the young guys along.  (What does Glasgow bring?) He brings a fiery spirit, he's always intense, that trickles down to the players, giving 110%.  (Talk about running today after practice.)  Tribute to coach Walker, we're one of the hardest working teams in the offseason, and we take pride in that.

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's Don Williams and's Aaron Dickens and Will McKay file their notebooks yesterday.  The big news yesterday was that freshman C Tony Morales will have shoulder surgery and be out for the year.  That stinks as I thought that Morales might need to see time this year, but now that's not going to happen.  As to other news, Williams details a bit about how the defense dominated yesterday:

Multiple defensive players made plays during the daily scrimmage period. Nose tackle Chris Perry had a stop behind the line and quick pressure that forced a throwaway pass. Defensive end Dartwan Bush nearly picked off a Seth Doege throw in the backfield. Strong safety Terrance Bullitt rushed off the edge and batted a pass back to Doege. Defensive end Jackson Richards and linebacker Blake Dees got pressure on Scotty Young.

Williams also gushed a bit about TE Jace Amaro:

Tight end Jace Amaro continues to show some of the skills Tech hopes he’ll add to the offense. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound freshman laid out for a lunging catch near the sideline in one-on-one drills, jumped high to catch a deep out route during the 7-on-7 period and caught a pass for 15 yards during the team period.

Love it.

MISCELLANEOUS TEXAS TECH LINKS | CNBC's Darren Rovell  has the top 25 names in college football and S Terrance Bullitt makes the list at #16 . . .'s Joe Yeager breaks down the wide receivers . . . offensive coordinator Neal Brown tweeted that the following players had good days on Tuesday:

These guys had good days yesterday: E.Ward, D.Gallington, O.Ontiveros, D.Moore, D.Washington, D.Neill, A.Crawford, L.Clark. Practice at 10 am 2day!

OFFICIAL SITE LINKS | Meet the two-deep  with WR Darrin Moore (watch via YouTube) . . . the defense has their day . . . Red Raider Football Fan Days is set for August 20th at the United Spirit Arena . . . I really am not a music-person (I listen to a lot of talk radio, specifically sports talk-radio), but I think the idea was great, but I'm not a big fan of the options and I pray to my deity that it won't be the Black Eyed Peas . . . I didn't notice this name earlier, but Jonathan White is on the roster.  White played linebacker and quarterback for Bremond last year and was his school's Salutatorian and was also named the defensive player of the year for 1A last year, finishing with the following stat line on offense and defense:

The 185-pound senior rushed for 1,270 yards and threw for 2,028 more while accounting for 39 touchdowns for the 11-3 Tigers. Defensively, he had 212 tackles, 15 of them for losses.

No reason to post this, but just thought it was interesting.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND BIG 12 LINKS | The big discussion yesterday around the internets was that Texas A&M will go to the SEC soon and yesterday afternoon, Texas governor Rick Perry said that he didn't know what the discussions were, but that discussions were happening between TAMU and the SEC.  IAT12M's miketag writes that the Aggies will make the announcement that they intend on jumping to the SEC by September 1st, so that means you only have to wait about three weeks for an announcement.  miketag also writes that Texas Tech wasn't happy with UT and the Longhorn Network trying to strong-arm Texas Tech into agreeing to broadcast this game on the LHN.  I did find this article from the Amarillo Globe-News, which had the following:

Tech chancellor Kent Hance nixed any deal, reportedly saying, "I don't want a Tech fan to have to give one dime to the Longhorn Network." President Guy Bailey and athletic director Kirby Hocutt agreed with Hance's stance (then again, who's going to go against their boss on something like this).

I don't have a clue as to separating the fact from fiction, but I do know that there is a lot of smoke, and if this were to happen, then one of Perry's more famous quotes, "Adios, mofo," would be an accurate statement from the Aggies to the Big 12 . . . thinks that Texas Tech and Arizona St. will meet at the Holiday Bowl . . . Turfburner's Jay Beck ranks the Big 12 QB's . . .

ROBISON COMMITS | I have a post to go up later this morning, but LAJ's Don Williams reports that Memphis, TN, defensive end Chase Robison committed to Texas Tech last night.