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Red Raider Gridiron | It's Going To Be A Great Ride

POST-PRACTICE PRESS CONFERENCE | Just didn't have time to transcribe the post-practice presser this morning.  You have the affable head coach Tommy Tuberville and I also think S D.J. Johnson, CB Tre Porter, WR Eric Ward and P Ryan Erxleben.

NEW UNIFORMS DEBUTED | LAJ's David Just has a bit on the new uniforms being on the field for the first time and the discussion is that these are more slim-fitting in order to evade tacklers or defenders from grabbing the jersey.  Awesome.  Just also has video and photos of the new jerseys.  Here's Tuberville on the jerseys:

"The offensive line is complaining they couldn’t get a good handful of jersey on the defensive linemen," Tuberville said, "but you know that’s exactly what it’s for, to give a little bit of an advantage."

NOTEBOOKY | LAJ's Don Williams  and's Will McKay have notebooks and mention that CB Sawyer Vest is working into the rotation . . . C Justin Keown and C Tony Morales were both out with what we all hope are minor injuries yesterday . . . McKay focuses his notebook on Porter, Johnson and the fact that the offense struggled a bit yesterday:

"Offensively we're still making a lot of mistakes," he said. "Younger guys playing, you know, everybody is practicing. We're not even close to getting ready to start putting the first and second group together. We're giving everybody the opportunity this first week, week-and-a-half, two weeks to try and make the top 60 players. So, we're going to make mistakes in execution, timing, and some of those things.

. . . in Williams notebook, he talks a bit about the receivers and who stood out yesterday:

On Tuesday, Moore and Corker both stood out. During 7-on-7, Corker got separation from cornerback Jeremy Reynolds on a post pattern and caught the throw from Seth Doege. Several plays later, he got behind corner Urell Johnson for a potential touchdown. Scotty Young’s throw came in low, but Corker made a sliding catch inside the 5-yard line.

DEPTH CHARTIN' | LAJ's Don Williams  puts together a depth chart from what he's seen thus far and so far I don't think there are any surprises.  It's worth your time to take a look at and feel free to leave a comment if you notice something.

OFFICIAL SITE STUFF | The official site has a feature on RB Eric Stephens, who sat out of yesterday's practice after having a tooth pulled and RB coach Chad Scott talked about how Stephens continued to be involved with the team:

"It's maturity," Scott said. "When he's not in like today, he's paying attention to absolutely everything that is going on, and also helping the younger guys. We have some good young talent, and with him being a leader, it's going to be extremely helpful."

The two-deep series continues with S Jared Flannel (also watch via YouTube),

The official site also had a Q&A with inside receivers coach Sonny Cumbie.  Here's a bit.

Q: What would you say the overall mood of the team is right now?

A: There's a lot of energy. I think the energy level has been really good on both sides. We are whooping and hollering and really getting after it and playing physical. I know from our standpoint our execution wasn't as good. But the energy level for the fourth day in pads was really good.

OUT OF STATE ROOMMATES | LAJ'S Don Williams writes that freshman LB Branden Jackson, DT Donte Phillips, DT Delvon Simmons and DT Dennell Wesley are all from outside of the state of Texas and also roommates this year.  Here's Jackson:

"It makes it easier," Jackson said, "because we all know we’re going to be missing home. Me, Donte and Del, we’re all freshmen. This is our first time being away from home, so we bond a little bit more.

"And then we have Dennell as our big brother, because he’s been to a junior college, so he knows what it’s like to be away from home. He just talks to us and lets us know everything’s going to be all right."

MISCELLANEOUS TEXAS TECH LINKS | National Football Post's Dave Miller talks about impact JUCO players and mentions WR Marcus Kennard:

WR Marcus Kennard, Texas Tech: The Red Raiders will always have a prolific passing attack no matter how much Tommy Tuberville wants to run the football. So Kennard, who caught a 29-yard touchdown pass in the team’s spring game, should make contributions immediately in the fall. He had 45 receptions for 893 yards and 13 touchdowns for Butler County C.C. in Kansas last season.

. . . radio voice of Texas Tech, Brian Jensen, had a chat with the DMN yesterday . . . offensive coordinator Neal Brown is tweeting who is having good days for the offense and tweeted this yesterday before practice:

Guys who had good days yesterday: E.Ward, J.Franks, J.Amaro, D.Washington, D.Gallington, L.Waddle, and D.Neill. Practice today at 10 am, Guns Up!

former Red Raider Graham Harrell is trying to make the Green Bay Packers as the 3rd quarterback again and here's Harrell on his progress from last year to this year:

"Last year I was trying to learn not only my reads but learn the terminology of the offense, where guys are lining up, what routes they have," he said. "I still don’t have it down perfect, but I’m getting more comfortable. The play call makes more sense to me now. I know where people are going, what routes they’re running, so it takes a lot of thinking out at the line and lets you play a little more."

. . . ESPN's David Ubben has superlatives for the Big 12 quarterbacks . . .

VIDEO REPORTS | KCBD  and KAMC each report on the new uniforms. 

COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND BIG 12 LINKS | TB from BOTC has some good thoughts on TAMU bolting for the SEC and has this bit:

In short, throughout this realignment process, try not to allow your perceptions of either program to be influenced too much by what you hear from their fans. Most Texas fans are proud fans who don't think the rest of the Big 12 is lucky that Texas sees fit to share a little bit of the money that it and it alone brings in. Most Texas A&M fans are proud fans who realize that while UT needs to be reined in, a successful future in the SEC is far from a guarantee. Their administrators realize the same thing. A relatively small number of reality-denying halfwits on the Internet won't be making important decisions for those universities any time soon.

. . . from EDSBS's Spencer Hall, "TEXAS A&M TO STAY IN COLLEGE STATION" . . . if you want to read each and every football preview from the esteemed Bill Connelly for SB Nation (as an example, here is the Texas Longhorns preview from yesterday), please go here to visit them thus far as it's just fantastic work by Bill . . . also from a reader of EDSBS, organizing colleges based on mascots . . . Turfburner's Jay Beck has the opening lines for the first week of games.  Texas Tech vs. Texas St. doesn't have a line because Texas St. is a FCS school . . .