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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-08-01

# Texas Tech greats remember, honor Jack Dale|myFOXlubbock | FOX 34 News KJTV Lubbock, Texas
# Remembering Texas Tech Legend Jack Dale -
# Services set for former Texas Tech broadcaster Jack Dale | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
# AUDIO: Texas Tech greats remember, honor Jack Dale|myFOXlubbock | FOX 34 News KJTV Lubbock, Texas
The last link, with the audio, are some Texas Tech greats, talking for three hours about Dale ("Kelly Robinson, Spike Dykes, Joe Hornaday, Dr. Jerry Hudson and Craig Wells were among the contributors on Sportstalk with Thetford & Ashby on Double T 104-3").  A touching tribute to a man that meant so much to the broadcast world in Lubbock.  I also recommend the article from's Steve Pitts.  Good stuff.

# Meet The Two-Deep: Eric Ward - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site (watch on YouTube)
# Meet The Two-Deep: Cqulin Hubert - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site (watch on YouTube)
# Meet The Two-Deep: Marcus Kennard - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site (watch on YouTube)
# Meet The Two-Deep: Alex Chester - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site (watch on YouTube)
The most interesting thing to come out of these four conversations with players was Eric Ward, who had this to say about hidden talent and who

Do you have any hidden talents?
"I guess I am a barber. I am like the team barber, I cut the hair and stuff. I guess that is the only hidden talent I have."

Who is the biggest influence for you both on and off the field?
"I would say my son and my wife."

It's always good to know who the team barber is and who else knew that Ward was married and had a kiddo?  This is going to sound like I'm joking, but I'm not.  Maybe that's why its taken Ward some time to figure things out on the field. I'm rooting for Ward and I still think he's going to make a significant impact.

Red Raiders due to report for preseason football camp on Friday | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Some good stuff here, including DC Chad Glasgow giving his opinion of what happened last year:

"There were a ton of guys that have played and they had a ton of injuries," Glasgow said. "There were some guys that were probably thrown into some situations before they were ready to go do it because of those injuries and those things that happened. But we’ve got some good players and we’re going to continue to try to recruit players better than the ones we have."


"I think our kids are thick-skinned with it," Glasgow said. "I think the one thing that’s really stood out about the kids throughout the spring and throughout the summer, they are extremely hungry. They want to be successful as a football team, but they want to be successful defensively as well. I think that’s the kind of attitude they have. They’ve been busting their tails, and they’ve been working."

I like the fact that Glasgow either noticed that the defense has thick skin, which is good or a short memory and are ready to do something this year.  Forget last year.  I've also noticed that the players talk quite a bit about strength and conditioning coach Joe Walker, who seem to all say that he's done a great job of getting the team in shape for the fall practices and that the coaching staff won't have to spend any time on conditioning.  We'll see if that's true this year, but a lot of players are saying that he's done an excellent job.

Ranking the Big 12's top 10 running backs - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
RB Eric Stephens gets the #5 spot.

# Is Realignment Coming to a Conclusion?
# Texas A&M reaches out to NCAA for backup, asks for high school broadcast ban | CollegeFootballTalk
# Pac-12 Expansion Rumors: Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Looking West? - California Golden Blogs
# Could a decision on Longhorn Network controversy come on Monday? | Dallas-Fort Worth College Sports News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
On Saturday morning, when I try and get a lot of my writing done, I first saw the link to the Pac-12 expansion rumors from California Golden Blogs, which referenced the first article.  In any event, its being reported that Texas Tech is still in contact with officials from the Pac-12:

Texas Tech is also putting out feelers with the PAC-12 and Kansas has been in contact with the Big East for quite some time and there’s talk that Kansas State could also be in the discussions. And of course, that would leave Texas free to pursue independence and cement its partnership with ESPN with a more comprehensive TV contract. Unless the PAC-12, Big 10, or SEC reverses its stance on not wanting a new partner with an exclusive network, the Longhorns must go independent. That appears to be the end game for Texas anyway.

In other news, TAMU is trying to claim that the LHN is an "university publication" to halt any sort of involvement with high school football.

‪Steven Sheffield, QB, Texas Tech, CES Atlanta Workout‬‏ - YouTube
I came across this video over the weekend.  It's not exciting, but if you know any NFL scouts, Sheffield would appreciate it if you could forward it to them.

Steelers' new Batch makes impression - Football / Steelers:
Baron Batch is making a name for himself, against James "Dabo" Harrison!

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