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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-07-08

FOOTBALL Texas Tech 2011 Preview: New Mexico's Travis Cram takes a look at the Lobos.  I'm working on my own previews, maybe they'll start next week.

New Florida coach puts miscreants on the road
This is bullsh.  I'll ask you not to click on the link, but the premise of the article written by FoxSports Steve Eubanks is that when new Florida coach Will Muschamp will have a much cleaner program as a result of four transfers, one of  those transfers being WR Javares McRoy, brother of RB Ben McRoy

This is what Eubanks said about Javares:

Not long after that, slot receiver Javaras McRoy, who enrolled early at Florida last January but who has yet to play a down for the Gators, left school and verbally committed to Tommy Tuberville and the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Now, Gainesville, Fla. isn't paradise, but compared to Lubbock, Tex.?  Granted, McRoy's brother Ben is a Red Raider running back and the brothers are close, but nobody is predicting Texas Tech to be better than 8-3. Logic and intuition indicate that there was more to this transfer than brotherly love.

And here's how Eubanks ends his article:

In fact, at this rate, the Gators might not contend for the SEC East this year, but they will field a cleaner team, one that will no doubt play by Muschamp's rules of order. 

I don't know Javares personally, but I've never heard anything about Javares being a bad person, as Eubanks is trying to imply and would love, absolutely love, for Eubanks to come forward with any dirt on Javares' transfer being anything other than brotherly love or Javares being a bad person or someone that the program needed to get rid or in order to field a cleaner team. 

Shame on Eubanks for making assumptions about people.

2011 Texas Tech Football Spring Review/Fall Preview - Crimson And Cream Machine
CACM asks three questions about the Red Raiders.  And to answer your question, yes, everyone knows the secondary was awful last year.

Big 12 football: ESPN, Fox collusion troubling | Berry Tramel's Blog
Good stuff from Tramel, where he opines that IF the Texas Tech vs. Texas game this year is picked up by the Longhorn Network and you either have to purchase the network or find a Longhorn friend who is willing to let you watch the game that already has the channel, all the while you will be giving the middle finger to wherever the Longhorn Network is located.  Of course, it's not a foregone conclusion that it will be the Texas Tech game, but it's going to happen to at least one Big 12 opponent and the point of Tramel's blog is that the Big 12, Texas, ESPN and FoxSports were all complicit in giving UT at least one conference game.  Go Big 12!

Young gun: New Tech AD Hocutt, 39, not afraid to aim for the top | Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
This is behind a paywall so I have no idea what it says. 

Is The Term ‘Street Agent’ Racist? Are Barking Carnival & The Recruitocosm!? Bomani Jones Thinks So. | Barking Carnival
I'm really behind as I had no idea this happened.  A Sirus radio host, Bomani Jones, is going after Barking Carnival and Recruitcosm for using the term "street agent" and saying that this term is racist.  Honestly, it had never occurred to me that the term was "street agent" was racist, but then again, just because I don't equate the term "street agent" as racist means that it's not.  Adopting a child from Ethiopia has made me have a different perspective about words and their meanings. 

Audio: Dana Holgorsen on Three Guys in a Garage - Big East Coast Bias
I haven't had time to listen to all of the audio, just a few minutes, but it's interesting.

Eric LeGrand update: Paralyzed lineman reports movement in arms - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
I've been following this story, like so many others, and cheer for LeGrand each time I hear news about how he's starting to move his arms.

Totally Texas Tech: New TTU Campus Pictures - 7/6/2011
Campus pictures!! Thanks TTURed!

Texas Tech Makes Its Mark on NASA :: Texas Tech Today
Never knew so many TTU grads weren't associated with NASA.  Good stuff.

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