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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-07-06

Former UGA coach Donnan files for bankruptcy ||
I decided to link this under Texas Tech as it appears that Billy Gillispie and Tommy Tuberville are both part of this alleged ponzi scheme.  The article doesn't go into how much Gillispie and Tuberville lost.

Glasgow building Texas Tech 'D' for long haul | | Tom Dienhart
Excellent article by Dienhart on Texas Tech defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow and the implementation of the 4-2-5 defense.  Quite a few quotes from head coach Tommy Tuberville about how the Big 12 has become a conference where offenses force defenses to play 5 defensive backs and having a base defense that has 5 defensive backs is an advantage.  That's certainly one advantage, but after writing so much about the 4-2-5 defenses, the other huge advantage is that the 4-2-5 defense is something that can also match-up against a traditional run team, like Wisconsin, without much, if any adjustments.  It still comes down to blocking and tackling.  In any event, I liked hearing Glasgow talk about this:

"The last three years, we finished No. 1 in the nation in defense and every year we kind of had a different path or plan in how we did it. One year, we were a big man-blitz team, one year we were a zone-blitz team and one year we just basically played zone coverage. Being able to have those capabilities, to be multiple with our scheme and not leave kids on too many islands where they can't be successful, is one of the biggest things."

This is 100% true.  TCU's defense isn't predicated on playing a certain way based on the defense itself, but playing a certain way based on the personnel and the opponent.  That's one of the things that's made Patterson so successful.

Michael Crabtree's Injury Came During 49ers Workouts -
Good news?  Crabtree and Vernon Davis are talking.  Get well Crabtree!

Interception Rates (Fun Stat Nerd Tidbit: Miami) - Football Study Hall
As always.  Great stuff from Bill Connelly and just in case you were wondering, QB Taylor Potts was so much better last year.  Not perfect, but much better than in 2009.  Potts finished 6th in interception rate (lowest) according to yards per game. 

Uni Watch " The Old College (Football) Try
This was posted by johnlaw13 yesterday, but wanted to give credit to Uni Watch who posted the photo and included Texas Tech with a number of other college football programs who have changed their uniforms.  Here's the uniform change:


And you can find a bigger version here.  I'm guessing that the yoke on the jersey is different and as noted in Uni Watch, the wordmark and the numbers finally match, which I too think is a good thing. The numbers are red on the black and white jerseys, I also like that.  The "Guns Up" on the back.  Anything else that I'm missing?

The Arena Pulse: 2012 PF Jordan Goodman Makes Call Yet Again; This Time in Favor of Texas Tech and Jordan Goodman makes choice -- for the 3rd time -
I'll have to work on this a bit later in the week, but Texas Tech and Billy Gillispie received their first commitment for the 2012 class.  Goodman is a guy that's been around, I think he's been to multiple high schools, but is apparently incredibly talented, but may have some grade issues.  And if you're looking for the connection as to how Gillispie knows about Goodman, Goodman played at Christian Life Center in Humble, TX.  No stone goes unturned for Gillispie, especially in Texas.  Goodman also committed to Rutgers, then de-committed, then committed to Georgetown, and then de-committed.  The first link about his commitment to Rutgers talks quite a bit about his game and what he brings to the table.  You can also check out his ESPN profile, which gives a description of his game, and I did find some YouTubery.  There was also a ESPN Rise story on Goodman that talked about Goodman overcoming an auto accident when he was 11. 

Champ shortstop Proudfoot signs with Texas Tech - Snoqualmie Valley Record
Haven't had anyone comment how awesome the last name "Proudfoot" is.  Proudfoot might be this team's starting shortstop next year.  

BIG 12
12 for 12: Best of the bizarre - San Antonio Express-News
SAEN's Mike Finger takes a look at the most bizarre events of the old Big 12.  A few Texas Tech references there.

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