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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-07-29

Meet The Two-Deep: Zach Winbush - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site
You can also watch the YouTube video of Winbush.  I'm still enjoying these interviews, but more so the video.  I like seeing the players and 2 minutes of their personalities. 

Red Raider football team cocked and loaded with pistol formation | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Williams discusses the Pistol Formation and I don't think there's anything in the article that you didn't already know, but I did want to throw out a couple of quotes.  The first is that Tuberville wants to run downhill, which I also think can be a benefit in the running game and I agree with Tuberville's thoughts about the running back being able to cut back and choose the hole to run through, especially if the line is zone-blocking up front:

"When you’ve got your running back standing to the side of your quarterback, it takes away some things a good running back that goes downhill can do," Tuberville said. "Eric Stephens is a good downhill guy. He’s got good vision, and you want him to be able to make that cut (so) when the hole’s not there, he can go to the other side."

There was also a bit on TE Tony Trahan, who apparently "showing promise" and Tuberville talks a bit about the tight end:

"We didn’t have a tight end last year, so people ganged up on our running game," Tuberville said. "We still were able to run it for (almost) 150 a game, so with a tight end this year and being able to run the ball to both sides, a little bit more complex running game, I think it’s going to help us."

The last quotes are about QB Seth Doege being more mobile and having the ability to run the ball a bit more on a zone-read play.  Doege did this a bit during the spring game and looked good doing it.  And no, I'm not worried about Doege's knees exploding. Texas Tech Preview: Offensive Line
Yeager talks about all of the usual suspects, Waddle, McDaniel, Edwards, Keown, Gallington, Okafor, Neill, Carpenter, etc.. 

# Observations from the Cowboys' first training camp practice | Dallas Cowboys Blog | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | The Dallas Morning News
# San Francisco 49ers' Michael Crabtree sidelined again - Inside Bay Area
Former Red Raiders get a mention, WR Lyle Leong was solid and stayed after practice to catch footballs and Brandon Williams, who played defensive end, but was switched to outside linebacker, was said to look quick off the ball and had a good practice.  Also, it appears that Michael Crabtree will be slowed by a foot injury for six weeks.  For some reason I thought I read during the lockout that the injury was minor.  Apparently not.  Crabtree needs to get on the field.

2011 Season Preview: The Missouri Tigers And The Living, Breathing Spread -
Bill Connelly looks at his own Missouri Tigers.

Breaking It Down: Big 12 D-Line Position Rankings - Crimson And Cream Machine
CACM thinks that Texas Tech has the 7th best defensive line, but I think that after the season, the defensive line is going to be much better than any preseason rankings.

Charting College Football in 2010 Nationally - Football Study Hall
This is one of those things that's hard to describe, but it's certainly interesting and worth your Friday a.m.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The College Connection "'s Posnanski, one of the best writers out there, details why college players should not be paid.  Very reasonable.

Don't Try This At Home: Sepak Takraw May Be The Toughest Sport On The Planet | ThePostGame
Volleyball without using your hands.  There's video at the link, but it's a series of awesome kicks.

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