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Red Raider Gridiron | Big 12 Media Days Starts Today


Meeting the Two Deep: These are the profiles and YouTube videos from meeting the two-deep from not posting over the weekend:

Meet The Two-Deep: Deveric Gallington - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE (watch via YouTube)
Meet The Two-Deep: Dartwan Bush - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE (watch via YouTube)
Meet The Two-Deep: Aundrey Barr - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE (watch via YouTube)

Go check them out!

Tuberville Wants to Hit Schools in Pocketbook: In an interview with ESPN's 103.3 Galloway & Company that was transcribed by the DMN (I can't find the audio, but here's the GAC link, let me know if you see the audio link) and had this to say about a way to solve the problem of football programs cheating:

What do you make of schools being targeted by the NCAA at an increasingly higher rate?

Tommy Tuberville: Money. It’s all about money and until the NCAA decides that they’re going to start penalizing teams, not just scholarships, but taking away games and forfeiting BCS money that was made, it’s going to continue to happen. I don’t understand it. I’ve been in the business a long time and it seems like the more the money has gotten prevalent in college football, in terms of teams making $15-, $20- or $30 million a year just off TV revenue, everybody’s getting out there on that gray line a little bit and crossing it some and getting caught.

I like this idea as something needs to be done.  College Football Talk's John Taylor agrees and has this to say about Tuberville:

We’ve taken our share of shots at Tuberville, almost exclusively because of his incessant whining over the ’04 Auburn team after USC was stripped of its BcS title, but it appears he’s on track with this point.  It appears the only thing that will get these program’s attention, their president’s attention, is when they have to give back a multi-million BcS check, or forfeit some of the tens of millions of dollars of television revenue they receive annually from broadcast networks or their own networks — or both.

If the NCAA and its membership truly care about cleaning up the game, the idea that Tuberville and many others have advanced should at least be part of the discussion.

Big 12 Media Days: The Big 12 will be kicking off their annual football media days today.  Here's the Big 12's page for the Big 12 Media Days and as you'll note, you can watch the press conferences live.  I found a handful of links and I'll just post them without comment:

Five things about the Big 12 -
Berry Tramel: 10 questions that need answers |
Pushing 10: Five football storylines for Big 12's new math | College Sports | | Big 12 football media days primer: 10 hot topics
Top 10 hot topics in Big 12 - College Football -MCT - (this is actually the DMN, but the DMN charges for their content, however, you can find it other places on the internets)

Longhorn Network Links: Again, there's a handful of links that I'm going to link to without comment:

Texas' Longhorn Network creating drama with Texas A&M, Big 12 - Andy Staples -
Dan Beebe understands Big 12 doubters - Dallas Colleges Blog - ESPN Dallas
Tech AD Kirby Hocutt: 'We're committed' to the future of the Big 12 | Texas Tech Red Raiders News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
Sooners president to push for ban of televising high school content | CollegeFootballTalk

Miscellaneous Texas Tech: continues to run down the roster, going over numbers 59 through 50:  Cqulin Hubert, Kindred Evans, Dartwan Bush and Alfredo Morales . . . this is really good, especially for those of you that like to take a step back in time, SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers blog, Behind the Steel Curtain, takes a look at Senor Sack, Gabe Rivera . . . CACM's ccmachine ranks the Texas Tech secondary at #6!  I'm shocked they're not last . . . Tuberville was on with 1340 The Fan's Jack Dale.  I forgot to listen to the audio over the weekend, but here it is . . . ESPN's David Ubben ranks the Big 12 quarterbacks and has QB Seth Doege at #5 . . .

Texas Tech Opponent News: Per the DMN, Baylor WR Josh Gordon was suspended indefinitely for violation of team rules.  If you remember correctly, Gordon was one of the players that was found in a car outside of Taco Bell in Waco and was arrested for possession of marijuana.  Gordon wasn't even suspended a game and has obviously learned his lesson and has, perhaps, done something worse that be arrested for possession, like not showing up for practices . . . Bill Connelly at Football Study Hall takes a look at the New Mexico Lobos . . .

Catching Up With Eric LeGrande:  Dr. Saturday's Jim Weber has an extensive interview with former Rutgers lineman Eric LeGrande, who was paralyzed last year during a kickoff return.  LeGrande is making progress and was standing last week.  LeGrande doesn't give up and I love that story.