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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-07-20

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog | No. 45: Texas Tech
I still say this is too low, but Myerberg has questions about the defense, as most Texas Tech can agree.  Still, it's an excellent article by Pre-Snap Read so go take a look.

Edwards Named Preseason All-Big 12 First Team - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Congrats to Lonnie!

Langley has some personality (YouTube video), and I love his last quote:

Give your personal message to the Red Raider Nation.
"Red Raider fans I will tell you this right now, we are going to be very good next year, you have my word, we are going to bust our butt and play every play like it's our last we are going to flock to the football especially on defense and we're going to dominate, so expect a big year from us."

Love that! Woot! - Roster Countdown: Nos. 89-80's countdown continues with looks at roster numbers 89 through 80.

Who is the Big 12's NEXT big star? - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
The Ubbenator thinks that QB Seth Doege may be one of the next big star for the Big 12:

Seth Doege, QB, Texas Tech
Doege, a junior, hasn't been a full-time starter since his sophomore year of high school, but Texas Tech stayed committed to him through a pair of serious knee injuries, and Doege has done the same. Now, he'll get a chance to do what he grew up wanting to do, carry on the Texas Tech quarterback legacy that guys like Graham Harrell and Kliff Kingsbury helped build. He'll do it under a different coach, but can he still produce the big numbers?

I too think that Doege is set to have a tremendous season.  There will be bumps in the road, but I'm a fan of Doege and think he's going to be pretty good.

New Mexico Quarterback Stump Godfrey Is Transferring - Mountain West Connection
Remember yesterday when I said that I thought that New Mexico QB Stump Godfrey was an option at quarterback?  Ignore that.  Godfrey has been given his release and I think that Texas Tech fans can now look forward to B.R. Holbrook.

SPORTSbyBROOKS " College Football’s First Nuke: Burnt-Orange Glow | The Longhorn Network Is Nuclear Armageddon | Barking Carnival
This was linked by me yesterday, and to be completely fair, the Aggie websites, TexAgs and IAT12M, broke the news that SbB is "breaking" a day or two ago.  Kudos.  The problem for me is that I don't know that Texas Tech has the leverage to do anything about the full-steam ahead train that is the Longhorn Network.  I don't know that the Aggies do either, and perhaps AD Kirby Hocutt is reviewing their options in closed door meetings rather than making the public announcement like the TAMU Board of Regents.  But the question at hand is whether or not the Longhorn Network is something that presents an unfair advantage to Texas if they are permitted to air high school football games of UT commits, like Jonathan Gray.  This is uncharted waters for the NCAA as the Longhorn Network is the first of its kind.  Yes, Notre Dame has their own network in NBC, but airing high school games is not part of their regularly scheduled programming. 

Personally, I don't think the argument that the Longhorn Network is a booster is the right argument to have here, but the question remains that when the VP of the ESPN Longhorn Network makes a statement about wanting to air games and specifically mentioning Jonathan Gray, a high school player that has committed to UT, but not signed, seems to step over the line.  College football coaches, staff and administrators cannot so much as even publicly talk about commits until they've actually signed, but a VP for ESPN/LHN can do this as this leads to whether or not that vice president is actually an employee of ESPN or UT.  UT folks will say that yes, obviously, the VP works for ESPN, but I can't help but think that there is a gray area and that in itself seems unfair. The simple solution would be for the NCAA to simply make a rule that no university affiliated network or conference affiliated network can air high school games, but with the NCAA, these things take time and I wouldn't expect any sort of rule, if any, for a long time.

I still think that the solution would be for the rest of the Big 12 schools to form their own network.  I'm incredibly nervous about the UT vs. TTU game will be on the LHN and TTU fans will be forced to find someone that already bought the LHN package to watch the game.  However, if the remaining Big 12 schools pooled their resources together to form their own network, UT fans would not only be required to buy the LHN network, but then the shoe would be on the other foot and UT fans would be required to purchase the Big 12 network to watch their share of UT games.  This, I think, would force UT to abandon ship (highly unlikely in my opinion) or go independent, which is probably where this thing is headed, but adding one additional school would be easier, albeit a tough task to replace UT, than trying to find conference homes for the remaining nine institutions. 

SEC Media Days: Visiting Tuscaloosa - Team Speed Kills
Seeing the pictures makes you understand that yes, Tuscaloosa is still devastated by the tornado from this spring.

LSU Football On One-Year Probation After Major Violation, NCAA Announces -

Fans show up in force for Leach book signing | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal | VIDEO: Leach promotes book in Lubbock, says still waiting for Tech to pay up|myFOXlubbock | FOX 34 News KJTV Lubbock, Texas | Mike Leach story is one of a kind - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee
Mike Leach was in Lubbock last night for the Swing Your Sword book signing and it was a packed house.  One interesting thing is that the last link is from DMN's Kevin Sherrington, but at the DMN, Sherrington's opinion is behind a paywall, but it's free at the Sacramento Bee.

We've Lost The Ombudsman | Awful Announcing | ESPN Ombudsman On Bruce Feldman | Poynter | SportsGrid
Yesterday I posted the link to the ESPN Ombudsman without comment and if you haven't read the comments in that post, you should.  I also highly recommend both of the Awful Announcing link written by Ben Koo and the SportsGrid (an excellent site) link by Glenn Davis. 

Coaches, including Lute Olson invested millions with David Salinas - NCAA Basketball - | Source -- NCAA plans no probe on coaches losing cash in David Salinas scam - ESPN | The Salinas story gets more salacious - | Tom Penders talks about Salinas scandal - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The news that broke yesterday, in the article is that Billy Gillispie lost $2.3 million from Houston investor/AAU founder, David Salinas.  There are no winners here.  A man took his own life and it appears that a handful of coaches lost a bunch of money investing with Salinas, Gillispie losing the most amount of money.  The second link, the ESPN article from Andy Katz, makes it clear that right now, the NCAA does not plan to investigate this issue, but that doesn't mean that the NCAA can't change their mind.

Under fire, Baylor assistant leaves program - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
This is a bad situation for Baylor.

Monterey's Kellyn Schneider commits to Lady Raiders | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Congrats to Coach Curry on the latest commit!

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