EA sports NCAA Football 2012

I just pre-ordered my copy of the game that comes out Tuesday, and wanted to see what kind of interest you guys had in this franchise.  I look forward to this every year almost as much as the real season.  They mostly give Tech the shaft in the player ratings (except 2009 with harrell and crabs) and there is a couple things i wish they'd fix about the game, but I LOVE starting a tech dynasty and playing for about 30 years into the simulated future.  A gaming experience where i can vicariously run the tech offense as Harrell, Potts, or Doege, go for it on 4th down almost every time like Leach, recruit 4-5 star studs like Tubbs is highly enjoyable for me.  Any of you guys get super into this game as well, or is the reality of tech football enough for you?

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