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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-06-28

Why is it whenever you leave to go on vacation, all heck breaks loose at work?  Is it just me, or does this happen to everyone? 

FOOTBALL Depth Charger - Bradley Marquez
Good stuff from Joe Yeager.  The big question that everyone still has is what position does he play, running back or receiver or cornerback.  I think he eventually ends up at receiver or as a guy that you can get all over the field.  I'm still struggling to see where he'll get many plays even at receiver, unless he's clearly better than his competition.  I just hate burning a redshirt for a handful of plays.  And perhaps the best example is Ben McRoy, would you rather have had a full additional year for McRoy or the 22 carries and 2 receptions?  I would think that Marquez would have similar stats (i.e., about 25 touches) if he played next year with all of the depth. Counting Down the Big 12's Top Players | #39 RB Eric Stephens | Counting Down the Big 12's Top Players | #45 S Cody Davis
I hadn't noticed this list prior to this morning, but they're running down the top 50 players in the conference and I am curious as to how many additional players make the list.

Five Names to Know on Offense - Turfburner
Lots of Red Raiders make Beck's list, including QB Seth Doege making the top five, while RB Ronnie Daniels and TE Jace Amaro make the list at the end. 

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog | No. 64 Baylor
Interesting that Myerberg has Baylor right in the middle of the 120 teams he's ranking. I'm not what to make of Baylor, they do lose some good talent along their lines, but Griffin is so good.

Texas Tech Adds Four to Baseball Signing Class - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
With some of the players going the MiLB route, they needed to re-stock the roster a bit.

Tech ex Polk claims spot on national team | Red Raiders
Congrats to Tori!

The Near-Extinction Of American Bison In The 1800's - All That Is Interesting
I had never seen these photos before, but the volume of bison skulls are staggering.

Billy the Kid photograph fetches $2.3 million at auction -
Chump change.

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