Robert Prunty

This is an amortization of Robert Prunty. What he has done at Tech has been remarkable. Put simply, he is a recruiting genius. As we know, he was voted the recruiter of the year in the Big 12 last year. This year, he just go the solid commitment of Michael Starts.

Michael Starts 4* DE/DT/OT prospect

Delvon Simmons 4*/5* DT

Branden Jackson 3*/4* DE/LB

Leon Mackey 4* DE

Terrell Hartsfield (at JUCO, hopefully coming to Tech in January) 4* LB

Source- Rivals

He has literally (cue Rob Lowe) recruited an entire front 4 of Blue Chip recruits in the past 4 months, with a beastly linebacker who will hopefully make his grades and join the good guys in January. What is even more amazing is that of his best recruits, all but one are from outside the state of Texas! Bringing in this talent from the East Coast is a huge deal. I cannot wait to see what he can do when he is unleashed full time on I-35. I would definitely say to expect at least 2 or 3 more blue chips from Prunty before this recruiting year is over. Prunty is going to be seeing a lot of offers come to him soon, and I can only hope that we offer him a fat juicy raise as soon as possible.

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