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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-06-13

I'm an unapologetic Mavs fan and last night, for me, was pretty darned awesome.  In fact, I'm such a Mavs homer that I was deciding between starting a Texas Tech blog and a Dallas Mavericks blog.  I decided on the Texas Tech blog for a variety of reasons, in part because Texas Tech had zero internet presence, but these two teams and/or organizations are my favorite.  Last night also got me thinking in that when I was in law school, this may have been 1999 or so I had convinced my best man from my wedding to become a Mavs fan.  He had no NBA team since he was from Missouri and geographically, the closest NBA team was the Mavs (there was no Oklahoma City or Memphis at that time) and he found my arguments convincing.  I remember forcing him to watch, what was then, a crappy Maverick team who had just drafted a German kid who looked completely out of sorts with his bowl haircut and syrupy sweet jump shot.  If winning a championship as a fan feels this good, I can't wait for the day for it to happen to Texas Tech.

Myers, Thomas on ballot for Texas Hall | Red Raiders
Former AD Gerald Myers and former linebacker Zach Thomas are on the ballot to join the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.  Former wide receiver and #1 pick in the 1964 NFL Draft, Dave Parks, is also on the ballot.  Could be a Texas Tech centric ballot.

2011 Pre-Season Preview: Texas Tech Red Raiders | June
Look at me, I made the internets!  The good folks over at College Football Zealots asked me a handful of questions about the Texas Tech Red Raiders and I was able to help.  Go check out all of my hot sports opinions.

Despite drain in star power, Big 12 lines worth watching | The Columbia Daily Tribune - Columbia, Missouri
Good stuff from Dave Matter who thinks that LG Lonnie Edwards is one of the top ten linemen in the Big 12.  Matter's list includes offensive and defensive linemen:

10. Lonnie Edwards, offensive guard, Texas Tech: Tommy Tuberville has tried to instill a more physical philosophy since replacing Mike Leach in Lubbock, and it helps when you have a rugged 322-pound left guard like Edwards, the team’s most experienced blocker.

College Football Preseason Rankings: 26-40 | AthlonSports
The Red Raiders check in at #39 in Athlon's list. Big 12 Bloggers: 5 Thoughts on WRs
Alexander Torres makes the list of possible break out receivers.  I hope so.

49ers Minicamp Concludes: Alex Smith & Michael Crabtree Are Cool - Niners Nation
We're all friends now!

Evil Blogosphere Got Holgorsen Story Right From the Beginning - Big East Coast Bias and Bill Stewart Reportedly Done At West Virginia Following Dana Holgorsen Sabotage Attempts -
Good stuff from Big East Coast Bias. 

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog | No. 82: East Carolina
Just keeping track with Ruffin and Riley.

Big 12 coaches say condensed league could be stronger overall | Red Raiders and Big 12 Basketball: Getting to know the new coaches | and Big 12 Basketball Rankings: Early Edition |
The Big 12 coaches had a teleconference last week and so there were a handful of articles written.  The NewsOK article with the rankings (everyone loves lists) thinks that Texas Tech is the worst team in the league right now in way-too-early rankings.  It's too early to get caught up in rankings and Texas Tech has an entirely new roster except for a few holdovers.  I have no idea who the best team is right now, this conference is going to be interesting next year.

Midland College announces four finalists for basketball coach position - Sports
Bubba Jennings is a candidate for the job.  Good luck Bubba!

Tech Finishes NCAA Champs in Ninth Place - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE and Final-day foul-ups cost Tech at NCAA outdoor meet | Red Raiders
Dang.  What looked like a good weekend and an opportunity for Texas Tech to finish in the top three teams.  Make sure and catch out the LAJ article for all of the details.  Still, to finish 9th overall is quite an accomplishment, but apparently there could have been more.

Sixteen Tech Baseball Student-Athletes Earn Academic Honor Roll - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Congrats to the 16 baseball players!  That has to be close to or half of the roster (I am to lazy to count).

Video: The greatest drunk walk of all-time | National Football Post
This is nothing short of awesome and scary.  Don't drink (a lot) and walk.

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