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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 12 Things

Another late morning and spotting internet. 

1.  Red Raiders set to face Aggies in first round of Big 12 tourney | Red Raiders and Duke von Schamann Named Big 12 Newcomer of the Week - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
LAJ's George Watson talks to the team about playing in the Big 12 Championship and just needing to win.  Meanwhile, Duke von Schamann is yet another baseball player who has won the Newcomer of the Week award in the Big 12.  Congrats! 

2.  2011 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship - Big 12 Conference - Official Athletic Site
This link will be the hub for the Big 12 Baseball tournament and I think you'll be able to watch the games online.

3.  2011 Season Preview: The Kansas Jayhawks And Unintended Schadenfreude - and Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog | No. 100: Kansas
Excellent work from Bill Connelly and Paul Myerberg on a conference opponent.

4.  Club Trillion: Less Than A Week Away (hat-tip SB Nation)
Mark Titus was a basketball player at Ohio St., he hardly ever played and he also writes.  Trillion refers to what his boxscore usually looks like, which is to play one minute and have zeroes across the board.  In any event, Titus wrote the following in regards to the possible NCAA investigation of Ohio St. football program:

Now, I understand that there’s a chance these guys all paid the same price for their cars that normal citizens like you and I would pay, and I honestly hope that they did.  But my intuition has told me for years that something is off.  I’m not sure how much the monthly scholarship checks the football team got were for, but when I was on my basketball scholarship for my first two years at Ohio State, I was only given $1,100 a month.  That might sound like a lot of money at first thought, but you have to realize that these checks had to cover the monthly cost of rent, utilities, food, gas, entertainment, tattoos, trips to the strip club, bottles off the top shelf, weed, hookers, blow, and – on top of all of that – child support.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I struggled to pay all my monthly bills, but as you can imagine, I sure as hell never had enough of a cushion to afford a $400 monthly car payment either.

The comments are a bit scary.   

More after the jump.

5.  Men's college basketball: Pat Knight gets fresh start with Lamar Cardinals - ESPN
A darn good article from Dana O'Neil on Pat Knight and there are a couple of quotes that I thought were interesting.  Here's PK:

Not Knight. "This is where I belong," he said. "What the hell was I doing with my first head-coaching job in the Big 12? I lucked out. I didn't get into this for the fame or the money. My dad did all of that. I wanted to build my own program. I wanted to win and be proud of something I made. That's what I can do here. That's what I'm meant to do."

I swear, PK is sometimes honest to a fault.  Then PK talked about Bob Knight being upset that PK was fired:

His father, he said, was crushed when Texas Tech pulled the plug -- "He was miserable," Knight said. "I almost felt worse for him, he felt so bad. It was like someone ran over his dog."

This almost sounds like RMK was more upset that PK.  PK has always seemed to be fairly realistic about his spot, but I am curious as to why RMK would be that upset.  I can understand being disappointed, but to be miserable.  I thought at the very least, a person could make a solid argument as to why PK should be fired and a solid argument as to why he might be retained.  I fell on the opinion of the former, but I understood the arguments.

6.  BBC News - In pictures: US tornado in Joplin, Missouri
This is just incredibly devastating to see.  For more photos, head on over to The Big Picture.

7.  Thomas makes fan's dream come true - Chicago Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago (hat-tip The Smoking Musket)
Pretty awesome story of an NFL player taking a 14-year old girl with spina bifida to the prom after being turned down by a handful of her classmates.

8. College Football - Monday with Mike: Top offensive trios and The Big 12's Top Trios - Turfburner
Rivals says that Texas Tech plays three of the top offensive trios (Oklahoma St., Oklahoma and Texas A&M).  Jay Beck ranks the top offensive trios in the Big 12 with Texas Tech receiving a #6 rank behind those three teams and Baylor and Texas.  Bias Alert:  Personally, give me the unproven Seth Doege over Garrett Gilbert right now and Stephens over whoever plays running back for UT right now. 

9.  Both the short and long of it: How sportswriting is taking over the web through innovation and adaptation " Nieman Journalism Lab " Pushing to the Future of Journalism
I thought this was pretty darned interesting.

10.  Tony Allen Detained By Gang Of Old Ladies After Fender-Bender - From Our Editors -
Funny and Allen handles the situation incredibly well considering the circumstances.

11.  Harvey Updyke talks with Wright Thompson about life, death and the trees at Toomer's Corner - ESPN
This guy is not normal.

12.  Commitment Catch-up: Big men reach decision - and Tech basketball adds another post | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
The CBS story has quotes from newest Texas Tech commit Daouda Soumaoro:

"This was a very difficult decision for me," Soumaoro told "I loved all my visits to St. John’s, Washington and Texas Tech. I really liked all of them but I felt more connected to coach [Billy] Gillispie and Texas Tech.

"The opportunity to play early in my freshman year was a key for me to join the Tech program to further develop my game and better myself as a student."

The only reason I'm linking to Linehan is that she says that Soumaoro is likely to walk-on at Texas Tech.  So Soumaoro is getting looks from Washington and St. John's and he's just going to walk-on at Texas Tech.  I still don't know how all of this is going to shake out in terms of scholarships and numbers.  By my count right now, Gillispie has to drop four players somewhere (I think). 

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