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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 10 Things

Some good news to start the day.  My wife and I finally have our travel dates for our adoption.  We received them yesterday and this process is finally coming to a close as on June 19, 2011 my wife and I will be able to meet our little boy and we have court on June 21, 2011.  Yes, that means that Father's Day weekend I'll be in Ethiopia with my child for the first time and this is an awesome Father's Day gift.  As a bonus, we're doing five questions later this morning.

1.  Raiders hope to avoid repeating last year’s finish | Red Raiders and Red Raiders React to New of Dan Law Field Renovations - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
George Watson (the first link) breaks it down like no one else can or does.  Win one game against Oklahoma St. and Texas Tech guarantees themselves a spot in the Big 12 Tournament.  Here's Spencer:

Spencer lauded the resiliency of his team for having gone through injuries to its leadoff hitter, No. 1 starter (Daniel Coulombe) and losing its cleanup hitter (Scott LeJeune) after one game.

"It might be tough right now but we can’t look at it that way or it will hurt us," starting pitcher Trey Masek said. "Right now we’re sitting in seventh, but if we can win a couple this weekend it will boost us up a couple of spots hopefully and put us in a good position. If we can get into the Big 12 I think we have a chance to make a regional."

2.  Shock looking for help with regular QBs injured - - May 17, 2011
A team needs quarterback help.  Someone to come off the bench and totally wreck 'em.  Who do you call?  That's right, Steven Sheffield is getting a look for the Spokane Shock in the AFL.  Good luck Steven!

3.  The Kansas State Wildcats And An Active Retirement -
The best Kansas St. preview on the internets.  Excellent work by Bill Connelly.

4.  Extra! Extra! SB Nation Big 12 Link Dump - Big 12 Hoops
Big 12 Hoops keeps you updated on Big 12 hoops.

5.  Busy Day of Recruiting News " The Husky Haul | A Washington Huskies blog
I think I mentioned this last week, but Texas Tech will have a visit today (apparently) from 6-9/215 forward Daouda Soumaoro, who is deciding between Texas Tech, St. John's and Washington.  Here is Soumaoro's ESPN profile and for a team that lacks a lot of length, I think he would be a good addition to the team.

6.  Ja'Juan Story's Pregame Ritual: Katy Perry And A Locked Bathroom, But Not Like That - From Our Editors -
This is the only quote that you need to know: "I doodoo and then listen to Katy Perry."

7.  Bad Weather Forces Jousting Team Onto Baseball Diamond - From Our Editors -
This is just good times all the way around.

8.  Video: Southwest Airlines employees make trick shots for your pleasure - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Three off-topic links in a row and I think I liked the shot where the guy throws the basketball in the exhaust of the engine and it goes into the basket.

9.  An Excerpt from the New ESPN Oral History, 'Those Guys Have All the Fun': Profiles: GQ
This is an excerpt from the upcoming book on ESPN.  Pretty good stuff.

10.  The Toolbox: Adj. Pace - Football Study Hall
Do you think that Texas Tech played fast in comparison to the rest of FBS teams?  Bill Connelly has your answer and what would you say if I told you that Texas Tech may be as fast as Oregon?