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Texas Tech Basketball Position Preview | Small Forward

Small Forward Jaye Crockett 6-7/200 Sophomore
Small Forward Theron Jenkins 6-6/215 Senior
Small Forward Jaron Nash 6-7/180 Sophomore
Small Forward Terran Petteway 6-5/200 Freshman
Small Forward Merv Lindsay 6-5/180 Freshman

There will be some roster attrition because right now, there are at least two more commitments who have signed a letter of intent than there are available spots. Unfortunately, we just don't know who is not going to receive a scholarship. The purpose of this exercise is to give everyone who is on the roster and speculate a bit about where these players might fit.

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Jaye Crockett | 6-7/200 | Sophomore

Crockett very well could be the scoring and rebounding leader on this team next year. Last year was both good and bad for Crockett. He was behind Singletary and Reese and as a result, he only saw about 13 minutes per game last year. That just wasn't enough time for the athletic small forward, but I understand (although I don't agree) what Pat Knight was trying to do, which was play his seniors. Nevertheless, Crockett shot 49.2% from the field, made 4.71 PPG and grabbed 3.03 RPG. Crockett has a decent outside shot, but it could be better, much better, although I think I'd prefer to see him take his game from the inside-out rather than be an outside-in player. He's got too much athleticism not to take advantage of players inside, especially with his ability to get up off the floor for offensive rebounds.

Theron Jenkins | 6-6/215 | Senior

Jenkins was redshirted all of last year. He was injured early in the preseason and I think that Pat Knight saw that he wasn't going to get any playing time as Singletary, Reese and Crockett were all going to receive time over Jenkins. I still don't know why PK signed two similar players in Reese and Jenkins in their signing class, but that's a discussion for another day. When Jenkins did play the year before last, he averaged only 9 minutes a game, shot 42% from the field, 2.9 PPG and 2.0 RPG. Jenkins was okay, but not spectacular, although I think had PK remained as head coach, I think Jenkins would have been the first guy off the bench for his team. Jenkins is a fine athlete, although I think that PK thought that he just wasn't as good a basketball player as Singletary, Reese and Crockett. So this somewhat begs the question in that there is a possibility that Jenkins may not be back next year, especially when you consider that Billy Gillispie has Crockett and has signed Petteway, Nash and Lindsay. It's a numbers game at this point and I'm not sure if Jenkins fits and if he does, how much time does he receive.

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Jaron Nash | 6-7/180 | Sophomore

Long, lean and athletic. I think that's something that's going to be repeated about a lot of Gillispie players. As a first year player at Tyler J.C., he averaged close to 11 PPG, 4.3 RPG and 1.7 APG and supposedly has above the rim and point-forward skills. I think that Crockett is your starting small forward next year, however, if Gillispie goes small and has Crockett play power forward, which is a real possibility because there's little to no depth at the power forward position, then I think Texas Tech's starter at small forward is between Nash and Petteway, with the nod going to the more experienced Nash.

Terran Petteway | 6-5/200 | Freshman

It's been a while since I started to look for video on some of the recruits who committed a long time ago and I've been intrigued with the ESPN scouting report on Petteway:

Terran excels when he is in the open court and making plays with the basketball. He can score the ball in transition with an assortment of shots (dunks, floaters, lay-ups high off the glass or finger rolls). In the half court, Terran likes to create shots on the baseline using his quick first step and explosive finish at the rim. Terran has good court vision and strong ball handling skills; he makes the correct passes to open teammates when driving the ball.

For the most part, you somewhat just assume that this is true and this is the type of player that he is, but then I found a couple of YouTube videos of his Galveston Ball team. Petteway is #2 in the white jersey and he's interviewed after the highlights:

Playoffs: Ball High-Jones (via 713News)

You can see more highlights with another YouTube clip.

After seeing both sets of highlights, I think the ESPN description is pretty accurate. He does seem to be around the basket, he does look a bit gangly, but he is finishing inside, running the floor and is quick off the floor for offensive rebounds and tip-ins. I like active players and players that work for their points and rebounds.

Merv Lindsay | 6-5/180 | Freshman

Lindsay is the latest commit for Texas Tech and after watching his video and reading a bit about his ESPN profile for a basketball program that is trying to pick itself back up off the bottom of the conference standings, I think that Lindsay is a good player that could transition into a good shooting guard or small forward for Texas Tech. Here's a bit from the aforementioned ESPN profile:

Lindsay has grown a few inches in the last year and it appears he may not be done as he is a young looking prospect. His frame is outstanding with long arms and he has soft hands. The left-hander has a smooth stroke out to 22-feet, especially in a catch and shoot situation. In addition, he is an astute passer who can find the open man in the half court site.

He seems to favor being outside, which makes me think that he'd be a better shooting guard than small forward. Either way, he's a long, lean athlete. Surprise. My thought is that Lindsay should be redshirted and not see a minute of time this year. He's a project and I think that Petteway and Gotcher are better players, right now, over Lindsay. Give Lindsay time to develop and maybe he transitions into a true small forward if he keeps growing with an outside shot, that would be a tough matchup for a lot of opposing teams.