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Recruiting on the South Plains | OL Christian Okafor


Finally, I'm getting to the 2012 class and it's taken quite a while as Okafor committed way back in January. I keep saying that things have been busy and with Okafor committing, it's odd not to get to something for 2 months.  Keep in mind that LB Derek David was actually the first commitment and de-commitment of the 2012 class.  And keep in mind that most of the recruiting evaluations aren't really close to being final yet.    

One other administrative thing, is that I'm creating new sections for each year for each sport.  Thus, you should be able to find all 2012 recruiting stories under the 2012 Texas Tech Football Recruiting section (it's in the left sidebar).  I'll be doing the same with football, basketball and baseball.


Position: OL
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1
Rivals N/A
24/7 Sports N/A
Ht: 6'6" | Wt: 310 lbs | Forty: N/A
High School: Westbury (Houston, TX)

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The Player Speaks:  When Okafor committed, we were right in the middle of the 2011 recruiting season.  There really hasn't been a profile on him, but last week, when DB Thierry Nguema committed, LAJ's Don Williams spoke with Okafor and he's solid after his visit to Texas Tech during the spring game:

"When I went there this past weekend, that helped me even more with my decision, made me feel better about the decision I made," Okafor said. "Seeing all those people out there supporting the football team, that helped me with my choice."

The 6-6, 310-pound Okafor is one of five players who have pledged to Tech for the 2012 class, which signs in February. He has other scholarship offers from Baylor, Houston and Mississippi State.

"I wouldn’t have considered any other places. I think Texas Tech is the best school for me academically and athletically," said Okafor, who has a 3.4 grade-point average and plans to study chemistry and pre-med.

Christian Okafor is a younger brother of Mickey Okafor, the Red Raiders’ returning starter at right tackle.

"We’re similar," Okafor said. "I watch him play and I say that. He run blocks a little better than I do, but I can work on that."

Chemistry and pre-med?  No thank you, but good luck to you Christian.  I don't think I could have passed chemistry with 5 tutors and a cheat-sheet.

Video: Film don't lie.

Christian Okafor Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)

Scouting Report: What's obvious is that Okafor is big, he's got the requisite size to play the position.  I usually find it interesting to see a player of Okafor's talent playing right tackle and perhaps he'll be moved to left tackle for his team, or maybe Texas Tech envisions him as only a right tackle and want him to continue to play that position.  I like his footwork and when he does pull and get down the line of scrimmage he looks pretty darned athletic doing so.  Like a lot of linemen coming in from high school, he needs to work on his strength, I didn't really see any evidence of Okafor just over-powering his opponent, but when you have a guy of Okafor's frame, you don't worry about having the strength right now.  That can happen later.

And I think that Okafor is going to be a highly rated lineman at the end of the day.  He's already an ESPN 150 watch list player and he's a 4-star according to Scout.  Rivals has not come out with their rankings and neither has 247 Sports.

Christian, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2012 Class: I'm going to hold off on doing any tables for the 2012 class for the time being because it can be really tough to change the rankings to those players in all of those little tables. #