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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 7 Things

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Anyone up for a "caption this" for today's photos.  The team in stripes are the Adelaide Crows, an Aussie Rules Football team. 

1.  Make sure and check out the links from Saturday and Sunday for a full recap of this weekend's sporting events.

2.  Lady Raiders Finish Sixth at Big 12 Championships - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

3.  Patriots' Welker enjoying freedom of NFL lockout | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal | Another Welker link, which makes it two days in a row.

4.  Spring offered few answers at Texas - | A recap about the various springs in the Big 12-2.

5.  Polgar: Special interview with the Texas Tech Knight Raiders Coaching Staff | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal | Apparently, chess players scout their rivals, study opposing player movements, facial expressions, etc. when playing chess.

6.  Lockout has Carter back in Hub - College Football - | Nice catching up with former Red Raider, Brandon Carter, who has some good things to say about current strength and conditioning coach, Joe Walker:

"Joe Walker, I think he’s one of the most intelligent guys in the strength and conditioning field I’ve actually dealt with," Carter said. "I’ve gotten a lot stronger in a lot less time and just from just tweaking little tiny things like eating. Instead of eating my regular meals a day I eat eight times a day now. I thought I was eating healthy, I’d eat oatmeal before a workout and he’d be like, ‘no way, that’s terrible for you.’

"Just the small things that he does, he knows what he’s talking about. He knows how to put weight on people and how to take it off. He knows how to make people stronger, he knows how to make people faster and it’s just incredible how much Joe is into what he does."

7.  Evolution: The New College Football Landscape & What It Takes To Win | Good stuff from a former player, Michael Felder, about how cash is king in college football:

Money matters, it matters more now than it ever has. Sold out stadiums swells the coffers. Wins boost donations. Great television contracts give you plenty of room to play fast and loose with your finances. Location adds to this because it makes it easier to cast a wide net for the players you need to power the football machine. When you get cash flowing in and a prime location you get the ability to make a juggernaut.