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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-04-13

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LAJ's Courtney Linehan | Basketball players getting taste of new coach’s style

"I think we’ve accomplished a lot in two weeks," Gillispie said. "Their attitudes are great, their effort’s been great, their attention to detail’s been great. They’re trying as hard as they can try, and that’s all you can ask."

Crockett said this spring has stood in stark contrast to comparable workouts under former coach Pat Knight. Where Knight’s philosophy centered on regular scrimmages, Gillispie has favored drill work.

It’s been an intense experience for the returnees.

"I figured he was going to come at us hard getting ready for next year," Crockett said. "We’ve got to get used to each other, see what to expect from him and he’s got to see what to expect from us. You might as well come 100 percent the first day."

Tulsa World's Dave Sittler | Big 12 hoops programs move toward uncertain future

Texas Tech
| Pitching, Hagen & Barnes Lead Tech in 4-1 Victory

| Texas Tech Spring Game Unit Rankings

Although trying to predict the future is a fool’s errand, it has been my experience that when projecting the success of a football team, the offensive line is a good place to start. Teams with experienced, talented offensive lines are good bets to succeed while those with green and sickly o-lines are likely to tank it. And if this schema is as reliable as I think it is, the 2011 Texas Tech Red Raiders could very well make some waves.