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Red Raider Gridiron | Post Spring Depth Chart


Texas Tech has released the post spring depth chart.  If you need a point of reference, I'm going to refer you to the positional write-ups from this spring:

Quarterbacks | Running Backs | Offensive Line | Receivers
Defensive Line | Linebackers | Secondary | Special Teams

This is more about you than it is about me and love to know your thoughts on the depth chart.  I've done some tables after the jump to hopefully help you visualize the positions. 

So much internet good-good is after the jump.


Sam Fehoko   Kerry Hyder Donald Langley   Dartwan Bush
Jackson Richards SAM Lawrence Rumph Pearlie Graves MIKE Aundrey Barr
  Daniel Cobb     Cqulin Hubert  
  Zach Winbush     Blake Dees  
CB         CB
Derrick Mays         Tre' Porter
Jeremy Reynolds SS FS
 WS Jarvis Phillips
  Terrance Bullitt D.J. Johnson
 Cody Davis
  Jared Flannel Giorgio Durham
 Brett Dewhurst


This is probably just me, but I really can't see Fehoko starting at defensive end full time.  Once DE Scott Smith and DE Leon Mackey either get back into the good graces of the staff or arrive on campus, I think that defensive end rotation changes a bit.  I also don't necessarily think that the absence of a player necessarily means that the player isn't in the rotation.  Guys like Chris Perry, Coby Coleman and Dennell Wesley will make an impact this fall, as well as the aforementioned Mackey and Smith (assuming they both see the field).

I'm a little surprised not to see Tyrone Sonier on the depth chart and that he's been supplanted by some younger players.  I don't know if and where he fits on the field.  Linebacker is a pretty thin position as far as depth so it's something to watch during the fall. 

Go back and look at the secondary review and you'll note the number of options available at these positions.  Lots of depth here, the question is if they can play and I think we may not know this answer until Glasgow is given more than a month to put in his system.  It's supposed to be a more simple system, especially for the defensive backs (we'll get into that later in the summer).  


Darrin Moore Y IR Terry McDaniel Lonnie Edwards Justin Keown Deveric Gallington Mickey Okafor H IR Eric Ward
Tramain Swindall Alexander Torres LaAdrian Waddle James Polk David Neill Terry McDaniel Beau Carpenter Austin Zouzalik Marcus Kennard
  Summer James           Cornelius Douglas  
    TE   QB   BIG H    
    Summer James   Seth Doege   Ronnie Daniels    
    Tony Trahan   Jacob Karam   Omar Ontiveros    
        Scotty Young        
        Eric Stephens        
        Aaron Crawford      


Surprisingly, the first thing that jumped out at me was Ontiveros at the "Big H" running back position.  If you don't recall, Ontiveros is a former walk-on defensive tackle and I guess now he's a running back, which probably makes more sense.  There's not a lot of surprises on the line, other than Gallington didn't take the back-up center position and David Neill, who I think I forgot to mention on the offensive line, is the back-up center. 

The position battles at the X WR and Z WR look delicious.