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Double-T Nation Post Season Awards | Offensive Rookie of the Year

This is the second annual "Double-T Nation's Post Season Awards". The categories which the DTN community will be nominating and voting are as follows: Offensive Rookie of the Year; Defensive Rookie of the Year; Most Improved Offensive Player; Most Improved Defensive Player; Special Teams Player of the Year; Offensive Player of the Year; Defensive Player of the Year; and Most Valuable Player. I'll be doing a post where you nominate players for the specific category and then I'll open up the poll the next day.

We'll be starting this list from the bottom and move up. Today, we're voting for Offensive Rookie of the year. Eligible players would include freshmen, redshirt freshmen or the first year for a JUCO player. Even if a player only played a handful of plays as a freshman, he's not eligible.

Here are my nominees: RB Ben McRoy, WR Darrin Moore, WR Eric Ward, and WR Aaron Fisher. This is a pretty short list, and I ran through the offensive linemen, but there there really wasn't a young offensive lineman that saw any significant playing time. If I've missed someone, I've got a link for other and you'll need to have a comment with the subject line "Other" and then list the player.

Let me know if I've forgotten someone and even though I've listed these players, I'd still like for you guys and gals to nominate players in the comments.

DTN Post Season Award Winners

  • Offensive MVP |
  • Defensive MVP |
  • Special Teams MVP |
  • Offensive Most Improved Player |
  • Defensive Most Improved Player |
  • Offensive Rookie of the Year |
  • Defensive Rookie of the Year | S Tre' Porter